10 ways to improve your Self Esteem

Have you ever had periods of low self esteem? Have you ever felt that even if you are a busy person and doing your day to day activities ( or job ), you still have feelings of low self worth? If so you may be busy but not productive or better yet GROWING. Self-Esteem is a huge issue today facing a large population of people, from teenagers to retirees. The thing is no matter how young, or old you are, increasing your self-esteem is very possible. Its just a matter of time ( and reading this post ) that you can improve your self esteem. The reason why I am writing this post is because I KNOW what it is to suffer from low self esteem, if you are in high school and are not one of the “cool kids” and feeling left out and peer pressured you WILL know what I mean. So here are the 10 ways to improve your Self Esteem

  1. Step Out of your comfort zone

No I don’t mean you have to step on stage on front of thousands of people and trying to save the world haha. A lot of people mistake this as the “Next Big Step” of their life. While this is true in some extent, stepping out of your comfort zone normally ( and ideally ) requires small steps from time to time. There is a reason why the word “step” is included in the sentence, because it doesn’t require a ” jumping the gun ” effort to do this. There are many ways you can step out of your comfort zone, you can walk around a different area of your neighborhood that you never been to before. You can attend meet ups and do different activities with different people. You can make new (real friends), or just go outside and play a sport ( like frisbee ). I have played frisbee before with people, but before I played with them, I was so nervous to meet them. I was thinking the usual “what are they going to think about me?”, “What happens if Im not good” blah blah blah………you get it. Just try something different from time to time and you would feel much better, I promise.


2. Positive self talk

Believe it or not when you talk to yourself in a positive manner it helps you in a lot of ways, it can help you feel better, more motivated, and actually believe that positive things will happen in your life. The mind is a very powerful tool that one could harness to achieve virtually anything in life. The subconscious mind is a very powerful part of the brain that gets affected by what you say to yourself and in some cases what you think. In other words the brain gets programmed to think and make you say things that you would’t have otherwise say to yourself. The subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than the conscious mind ( the part that most people know about ), so yea that is some serious and powerful stuff! An example is: ” I want to go to the moon” instead say ” I am going to teleport to the moon!:)” . Just joking lol, instead of you saying ” I would never be happy” say ” I will be happy”. The reason for this is because is because if you say ” I would never be happy ” you are putting your mind to sleep and give up, which in turn could possibly turn to depression. Please don’t do that, I have been in that situation and its not pretty. Anyways if you say to yourself ” I would be happy ” you are putting you mind to work and you would find different ways that would make you happy.


3. Stay away from toxic people

This is a very important part of the 10 ways to improve your self esteem. The reason for this is because if you are always hanging out with toxic people, they are going to spread their negativity (or as some people say it, vibes) to and around you. For example: They might tell you that you may never achieve big things in life, or that you are not good enough. Although some people use this as motivation (which I applaud), lets be real here. A lot of people are not that strong minded, or can’t handle the situation carefully and would let their negative energy devour them. So chances are if you are reading this, you need some guidance, which is why I wrote this in the first place:)


4. Don’t compare yourself to others

This is another one that a tremendous number of people have in this world. And I kind of blame social media as well, because it is so easy to have access to other peoples ” lives “. Listen I have been in a situation like that and overtime it felt HORRIBLE! I would literally be on the phone for hours just looking @ profiles of people of what it seems like going sky diving, traveling the world and a bunch of other cool stuff. Keep in mind, the reason why I said ” seems like ” is because a lot of people actually post pictures that are not necessarily theirs and actually get it from some other source, like google images or something. While not everyone does this, you would probably never know anyway. Instead of asking yourself ” Why can’t I live life like this? ” ” Or damn these people are better than me “. Say to your self ” I am going to stop comparing my self to other people and by doing this I am going to stop looking/limit myself from looking at other peoples social media pics “. Or ” I am definitely going to live life like this, but I need a plan “. Basically you can use other people as negative influence and a positive influence. And by writing this I hope i left you in a positive influence.


5. Pay attention to your accomplishments

This one is a BIG self esteem booster, primarily because you are looking with yourself and what have you done for your self as well as others. One thing I hear people say is that I have done nothing big. Listen very carefully, don’t worry about how small your accomplishments are. You are still making steps towards self fufillment day by day, besides the smallest accomplishments are ALWAYS going to be of higher quantity than the big one. Don’t get me wrong the big accomplishments feel far more fulfilling than the small ones ( isn’t it why it is called a big accomplishment? lol ), but thats how the universe works.


6. Exercise

This is a big one that is very important ( and healthy one ). It is known that when a person exercises, their dopamine levels in their brain increases. The more you exercise ( to a certain level of course ) the more of this hormone is increased. Dopamine is also called “the happiness hormone”, meaning that this is the hormone that is responsible for making a person feel happy, or dare I say it ” a natural high “. The reason why this is so important is because the happier you are, the better you feel about your self, which in turn increases you self esteem. If you are a guy exercise also increases your testosterone, which in turn makes you feel more “manly” and have a sense of power. If you have exercised you know exactly what I mean;).


7. Take a short walk outside

From my experience this works, not fast but over the long term. Psychologically if you step outside and take a short walk on a beautiful day for a few minutes you would automatically start feeling better. You may not be jumping up and down and doing cart wheels, but you would get an overall sense of freedom. The problem with staying inside the house, its that you get an enclosed feeling. That enclosed feeling that you get would in turn make you feel worse.


8. Talk to trusted people

Noticed I said “TRUSTED”, because obviously you are not gonna tell some random guy/girls what your problem is as that is going to be awkward lol. This was a BIG problem that I had in my High School years, and a very important one overall to mention to you. When I was in HS, I would have people pick and take advantage of me. Sometimes I would get bullied, and all these things made me feel bad about my self. For some stupid reason I did not tell my parents anything, I would just go home and make believe that nothing happened. My parents would always ask me ” how was school” and my typical answer would be ” school was good ” and thats all. The problem with this is that my parents didn’t know what was going on with me in school, and that in turn did not help me out because they couldn’t have helped me if they didn’t know what was happening to me. Overtime, this negatively affected my self-esteem tremendously! So please don’t be stupid ( like me lol ) and tell your trusted friends and/or parents please.


9. Read Self improvement books

I will admit that reading self improvement books was one of the first things I ever did to enhance my self esteem was read self improvement books. Self improvement books are a big hit nowadays, but the problem is that it seems that most people underestimate the power of reading self improvement books. Self improvement books have the power to change people ( and YOU ) in many ways. They can help you change the way you view the world, open your mind and give you knowledge that most people don’t have, which would give you confidence in doing things. Also these books would give you advice on how to improve yourself in many ways, which, if you put into action you would feel MUCH better about yourself


10. Project a positive body language

This topic is almost never talked about for what ever reasons, whether it be that people don’t care, they underestimate it, or it simply is not going to help them. What ever the reason, I am here to crack the code. Body language is one of the most effective ways of showing the world how you feel about yourself. But more importantly it HELPS you feel better even if you are not feeling good. It is a proven scientific fact that if you are not feeling good, projecting a positive stance will actually help you feel better about yourself.


So these are the 10 ways to improve your self esteem, keep in mind though, you don’t need to start doing all these things at the same time. Start with which ever one you feel comfortable first, then you move on to the next one of choice. Keep in mind though, you are going to have to step out of your comfort zone eventually. Stepping out of your comfort zone is going to push you to higher limits, because you are going to be growing. So knowing this, you should use use this as motivation to start stepping out of your comfort zone NOW. If you do not step out of your comfort zone, nobody is going to do it for you. Think about it this way, what is the worst thing that is going to happen? I you do not step out of your comfort zone nobody would do it for you. Worst of all you would be stagnant ( stuck ) mentally and physically, doing the same thing over and over again. So please get off you duff and start making things happen! 🙂

Please leave a comment down below if you need help or advice and also leave a feedback as well. I would be happy to help:).


  1. DrSarahBrewer

    Excellent advice. For me, point 2 was the most important – we all have that little voice in our heads that is difficult to get away from, and that questions whehter or not we are doing the right thing. Turning the thoughts around from negative to positive is not always easy to do.

    1. Omar Sanchez

      Yes that is a VERY important part of your self-esteem. There is this saying “you become what you think” which is so true. What ever you think and talk, manifests itself in life. Your brain is like a computer, it absorbs anything, everything of what you think and say to yourself like a sponge. This is due to the Sub-Conscious mind, the part that we don’t hear about often. The conscious mind we hear about often, but it is no where near the power of the sub-conscious mind. to put it to perspective the sub-conscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. It also doesn’t forget things. Any ways thank you for taking the time to read my article:) There is this book that I highly recommend, its called the ” What to say when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter. You should read it!

      Success to you


  2. Cathy

    Hi there Omar,

    I totally agree with your 10 ways to improve one’s self-esteem. At one point, I was very low in my life and negative self-talk did the most damage as far as I can remember.

    I was comparing myself to people, especially when reading Facebook updates. That’s when I decided to step out of social media.

    I’ve stop using Facebook for almost 2 years now and was able to truly focus on my personal growth/ happenings and accomplishment without feeling the need to report to anyone else but me.

    Having said that, it doesn’t mean that Facebook is not good. It’s just over consuming one’s positive energy sometimes and you need to get out from it in order to rebound yourself.

    1. Omar Sanchez

      Hey Cathy,

      Thank you for taking your time to read my article:) It seems like what you are describing about your past self, is that you had low-self esteem. Let me tell you that is one of the WORST feelings of yourself that there is.This is coming from experience! You reflect that energy on other people, yourself ( which is negative energy ), and life every single day! I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Was social media, and comparing yourself to other people was the main cause? Or were they other things as well? Did you have depression as well? Thats good that you are focusing on your self, and also self-improvment to find ways to better your self. Thats what really matters. Not enough people in this world use self-improvement to their advantage to better themselves which is sad. Exactly, social media has its pros and cons, depending on how you use it. If you use it for motivation and positive stuff thats good. But if you use it to compare people’s lives ( or “lives”) it hurts you. One thing that I think is creative is that you could see other people and use them as inspiration, but then again everyone is different. Yea if you get out of social media you feel so much better! Like you don’t feel “stuck”, you feel free.

      Success to you


  3. Ian

    Hi Omar,
    This was a helpful and uplifting article. One of your points that jumped out at me was paying attention to our accomplishments. I think it’s good to celebrate the small wins which are just as important as the big wins. Even if that means that you made a few cents with your website. Celebrate it anyway and then you will slowly build up your self-esteem.
    Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work.

    1. Omar Sanchez

      Hey Ian,

      I really agree that paying attention to our accomplishments is one of the most effective ways to build self-esteem. The reason for this is because you will feel a sense of fulfillment which is what people should be after. That in turn will boost your self-esteem tremendously. Thank you for taking your time to comment on my article!:)

      Success to you


  4. Jagi

    What an engaging article filled with lots of great information. I so agree that low self-esteem can hit anyone. My friends daughter is super popular at school, but this year she felt like everyone was hating on her. This affected her school grades, her home life as well it affected her friendship with my daughter. But luckily they were able to work it out.

    Great article.

    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey Jagi!

      Whats going on? Thanks for taking the time to read my article. Yes anyone can suffer from low self-esteem, just like I have. Hating on her? I wonder what she did. Maybe thats how she feels, and it is not actually going on. And about self-esteem effecting your friends daughter, I know exactly how that feels like, its horrible. My grades got affected tremendously, not my friendship, because I didn’t have friends at the time, hence my low self-esteem. Im super glad that everything got sorted out. Once again thanks:)


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