3 questions you should ask yourself if you want to be truly successful

1. If money wasn’t an object what would I do?


Money may buy happiness, but the Benjamin’s themselves are not the end all be all. In other words it shouldn’t be your prime motivation to get you going. If you ask yourself this question, you are going to put your brain to work and think about what you REALLY want to do. Don’t get me wrong though, money is extremely important in our lives, but it is not going to give us that fulfillment that we all desire. When we work for something JUST to make money in the long-run, we lose our chances to make our lives enlivening and full of happiness! That is not what we want!

Sure if you are really young and just getting started in life, then go ahead and get a simple part-time job and make some money, and if possible have your parents help you pay for stuff as well, because we all start from somewhere. But if you are going to choose a job and stay at that job for a long period of time just to get that paycheck, I two words to tell you, good luck! As corny as it may sound, you are not going to last very long in that job, or at least mentally stable. Money in itself is no longer going to be a great motivator anymore.You are going to become a literal zombie and hurt your overall well being and you begin to feel that life is pretty purposeless and perhaps useless!

I can’t stress this enough because I see countless people every day going to a job that they don’t like and then they complain about going there. They never look happy. Do you now why?, because the are only following the money! Anyways if you stop looking for the money and you start doing something that you like, your energy levels are going to go up drastically, start feeling like you achieved your life’s purpose and feel like you have taken off a lot of weight from your shoulders.

Once that happens you are going to start feeling more motivated to do things, as well as try different things in your life. You are almost always going to be making new friends and socializing a lot more. In most (and best cases) you would be a far more interesting person! As a result a lot of people are going to like to be around you, because you are going to be sending out so many positive vibes. And all of this happens because…… you decided to get off your but and change your life around. So if you don’t have a tremendous amount of bills to pay or immediate family obligations, start changing your life today by following your passion!


2. Would I be working at this for the short-term or for the long haul?


So many people think that there is such a thing as overnight success, that you can become successful without much effort and on top of that they want easy money. Yes there are people that win the lottery and get lucky, but that is an extremely low amount of people compared to the total population, and besides you would have a MUCH better chance of becoming successful if you just do plain hard work and be persistent. Now lets go to the other category of people, the people who are in it for the long haul. These people know that it takes hard work and determination to succeed in this world. They know that success doesn’t come overnight so they don’t let the amount of time that it takes stop them.

This is what separates the truly successful from the truly unsuccessful, HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION! You see, it also depends on the situation. Now what do I mean by that? Well I am going to tell you now!:) If you are looking to make some quick cash, or you need to get a job for emergency purposes, or maybe even save some money for future purposes, THEN this would be good to do for the short-term. But if you want to go long-term, you absolutely have to work on something(s) that you are passionate about because if not, time is going to kill you psychologically.

For example: There have been many people that would start a business on something that there are not passionate about and then they struggle and burnout completely and fail. All because they were either doing it strictly for money, or thinking it was a get rich quick scheme and they were going to get quick money. They realize that it is going to work right away and say things like “its not worth the time” or “it’s a scam”. But deep down, the main reason was because it wasn’t their passion. They lost their motivation to continue.

But if you are doing something that you love, you are automatically going to do it for the long haul. Let’s use the business analogy again. If you are starting a business for the long haul, you are far more likely to be successful because you would have more realistic expectations when it comes to your goal. And on top of that, like I said before you would like it, so if you are going to hit a bump on the road you would keep fighting through the tough times because you are so passionate about it and you can’t see yourself not doing that. So working for the long haul and having a passion for what you are doing is going to exponentially increase your chances for success. So follow this advice please, you will not regret it!


3. How can I contribute to society and/or people around me?


Asking this question is going to make you think twice on what it means to become a successful person. Being selfless is one of the best characteristics you would ever have. One of the benefits that you would get from helping other people are an increase in self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and overall good mental health. A big one when it comes to career choices is respect, as people are going to sense that you have some dignity.

In other words by respecting other people, you are respecting yourself. It also works the opposite way as well. Opportunities would start to arise to you out of nowhere and you would have many good references from other people since they see that you are a worthy person and worth working and spending time with. Applying for jobs gets a bit easier since there is a higher chance that you would get hired by the employers and other institutions.

You would become a man (or woman) of credibility also and this is HUGE in making a career path as well as in business. If people trust you, they would benefit you in ways you can only begin to imagine! For example: If you have a business partner and are partnering up for a deal, if you are a credible person there is a MUCH higher chance that he would would agree with you on the deal, whether it be giving you money, or searching up analysis. Basically it is like team work, the person makes the team. The bad person makes the team bad and the good person makes the team good. And that is going to get you money!

So as you can see from the examples above, giving back and contributing gives you a tremendous amount success in the long-run both professionally and personally. So get off your duff and start being selfless!


Let me know what you think about this, and also tell me your experience in the comments down below!:) I would be happy to read them!=)









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