6 ways to Keep Progressing Towards your Goals

1. Keep track of your accomplishments whether big or small.


This is a very important step to take, especially since becoming successful takes time. The mistake people make ( myself included sometimes lol ) is that they focus so much on the end goal(s) or destination that they don’t even feel or realize they accomplished a little bit ( or a lot ). This, believe it or not, is recipe for disaster. The reason for that is that you are not going to get that fulfilling feeling that you are doing something, which in turn would cause you to get frustrated and give up. One thing to do this is to buy a notepad and just write them down.


2. Stay productive


This is similar to list #1, but one can’t work without the other, right? Being and staying productive is one of the things that most people don’t do. So by staying productive, you would be ahead of most people, whether you are studying for an exam, doing homework, or even starting a business. What ever it is, you need to keep at it, because if you don’t nobody would, so start hustling!


3. Do not fall into the trap of overnight success


Im gonna say this..please, please, PLEASE do not get brainwashed into thinking that success comes fast, there is no such thing as getting rich quick, or anything for that matter. Let me give you an example: If you are working out, whether you are a male or female, do you get results the next day, or even the next week? Same goes with money, a get rich scheme is just that, a scheme! If you fall into this trap that success happens overnight, whether it be wealth, health, or happiness, you would not be successful, trust me. Also the lists on the top wouldn’t matter anymore. I hope I changed your mindset and made you realize that anything worthwhile in life requires some form of patience.


4. Read motivational books


This may sound a bit cliche, but reading motivational books would have a good impact on the way you perform when it comes to working for your goals. These type of books would make you feel better about your self, which in turn would actually increase your confidence when it comes to achieving your goals The best time to read these books are in the morning or during a period when you are not feeling so good. But then again they work other wise whether you are feeling happy or not. Just don’t rely on these books alone, they just give you a boost, the ultimate motivator is you:)


5. Keep your head high

head high

This might be one of the hardest ones for people to overcome a lone, the thing is you can’t let any negative energy get to you and put you down. There are times when you are going to make mistakes, there are times when you are not going to be doing that much work, and there are times when you are not going to feel like its worth it, but just keep GOING! Trust me if you are persistent, you are going to make it.


6. Be very careful who you tell your goals/dreams


If there is one thing that would make your journey either comfortable or uncomfortable, it would be this one. You have to be very careful on who you talk to about this part of you. Especially when you just meet them, seriously I urge you to not do this, because if you do, there might be disastrous consequences. You would never know who is going to stab you on the back, no matter how much you think you know them. If they are like-minded ( above average thinking ) then its fine. Personally if someone asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up, I cringe because I don’t want to tell them everything that I am planning to do. And I don’t, I just simply tell them, ” Im not sure”. And if you decide you want to tell people I want to save you from all the haters, well this ¬†which is what we are going to talk about down below. And if you decide to tell people what are you goals and you get haters, well that is what we are going to talk about down below.

7. Don’t listen to the naysayers


Listening to naysayers can drop your energy and happiness levels in a matter of seconds. These people are toxic to you and you should avoid them like poison. They would do everything in their might to take you down, they are looking for preys who are trying to stand out of the crowd. They are what I call the “Bullies” of Big dreamers and extremely ambitious people. You can say “Well they don’t bother me” well thats cool, but their negative energy tends to rub off on you, or anyone for that matter. I experienced this personally, when I tell someone, some of my plans and they look at me like I have three heads, immediately I tell my self that this is not the person I would like to tell my goals to. Or if he/she is really negative I won’t even hangout with her. So instead hang out with positive people.


  1. Ben

    Hi Omar, some great advice here. It’s all stuff we should know, but always seem to forget when it’s most valuable. I was wondering about step 7: How can you tell the difference between a straight out troll/hater and harsh yet constructive criticism? Online it’s relatively simple, as the trolls are not very literate, but in real life it can be a little more tricky. Anyway, I was just wondering if you had any tips with this?


    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey Ben! Thanks for taking the time to read my site:) Yea exactly it sounds like common sense, but we have all heard the saying “Common sense is not so common”. Okay lets put this in real life, the difference between troll/hater and criticism is that the Hater would tell you certain things like “you suck” “you are not good enough”, ” “you are just trying to show off”, you know the usual, but they keep “looking up” to you. Criticism is someone thats telling you that you are doing something bad or wrong and that you should fix it. Hope this helps:)


  2. Joe

    This blog is what I needed to see! It helps me know that I’m on the right path, and to not give up!
    I also heard, correct me if I’m wrong, that if you do something for at least 30 days in a row it will become a habit. Is that correct?

    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey Joe,

      I am very glad that you enjoyed my site! I am just trying to help as many people as I can, and I love doing this kind of stuff::) For something to become a habit, you would need to do it for 30-90 days. So you almost got it right, actually you did LOL. What made you intrerested in my site, besides (motivation)? Did something happen earlier in your life? Once again thank you!


  3. Cathy

    I agree on your last two tips. I started my online business for almost 2 years, but my family knows nothing about it. It’s weird I know, but they are not the best people to give me motivations and they certainly won’t like the idea of me switching career to work from home.

    I’ve mentioned my endeavors to some friends, but they are very apprehensive towards all these online marketing thing. They think it’s a waste of time, scammish and certainly not rewarding.

    So, for the time being, I am alone in this battlefield. But I am fighting the fight and not giving up.

    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey Cathy

      Hope everything is well. I find it surprising that you have been working on your online business for 2 years and your family doesn’t even know. EVEN if you didn’t show them, because after all that time I would think that they would eventually find out lol. Now I understand why you didn’t show them, as they are not very supportive on what you are doing. I got to be honest, family is can be one of the worst people if they are not supportive. I also had friends that weren’t very supportive, so I let them go. So no matter what keep going!



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