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You can contact me at: omar@thesuperiorself.com

Hey Everyone! My name is Omar Sanchez and I’ve been interested in self-improvement for the past 3 years. I have read a lot ( and still reading) articles, books, videos on this subject literally every single day. I get as much knowledge as I can from these sources, and put them into use and take action.

I also like teaching others this kind of stuff because it makes me so satisfied knowing that I have helped someone become a better version of themselves. Whether it be health, wealth,or happiness. I have always been the type of person to offer help to people even if they didn’t ask. Doing these kind of stuff makes my heart warm and I feel satisfied and fulfilled while helping others feel the same exact way.

The reason behind this site


The reason for the creation of this website is coming dearly from my heart. I say this because I know what it feels like to be in a very bad stage of life, I know what it feels like to be lonely, I know how it feels like to be worthless. I even know what it feels like when you hear your parents ( or you doing it yourself ) complain about money ALL THE FREAKING TIME! Listen to me, I have experienced it ALL, from getting taken advantage of, to not being seriously and even getting bullied.

All this occurred during my 4 years of High School, thats right High School. During that time I was a very VERY shy person. On my first year of High School I was struggling horribly with grades, I was being blamed for a lot of things I didn’t even do. There was a few instances where there was a girl that I would talked to and her boyfriend would come over to me and give me “THE TALK”.

Long story short all this stuff lasted for 4 years and I ended getting into a very severe state of depression:( Ever since those time I have ALWAYS been dedicated to improving my self when it came to Health, Money, and mostly Happiness and helping other people, and that will NEVER stop because I know where I came from. There is a question I always ask myself. And YES I really do ask my self this question. “I came from a tough time in the past and went through things that most people in this world, don’t go through, so why should I be average?”

Listen even if didn’t go through the same situations I went through. I can ( and WILL ) help you out, because I LOVE doing this and I am so dedicated in helping others that I am willing to use my time to do this. I got a similar question for YOU now. Why should YOU be normal/average? Everyone of us has extraordinary potential. Don’t be ordinary be extra-ordinary! Life is not about settling, it is about mettling, ( yes mettle is a real world ).

But I would be honest, if you are looking to improve in these aspects or starting out start with your confidence and self-esteem because with out confidence and/or self-esteem you can forget about the rest. But hey if you think you don’t need a boost in that category, by all means move on. One advice, follow your passions, be happy, healthy, wealthy ( or at the very least financially secure ) and live life on your own terms! Don’t just be yourself, be the superior version of yourself. Be your superior self!!!

So there you have it, a little bit about my self, feel free to leave comments and questions and I would be happy to help!:)

Thats me on the top:)


You can contact me at: omar@thesuperiorself.com