Benefits of Reading Everyday

Ahh reading, one of the most important and beneficial things you can do for yourself and your brain. Yet it is very underrated according to most people. When most people hear that they have to read a book or an article they either think that it is going to be something boring. Or one of the common things that people say is that reading books is lame and it is not cool, it is for nerds. Well aren’t nerds considered smart people anyway? Besides a lot of nerds are not the typical stereotypical type, you know…the one with the glasses, overweight and buck teeth. The point is reading books has a lot of benefits, especially if you read often. If you do this ( or are already doing this ), you would be light-years ahead of most people. Today I am going to keep this post short, so I could get you guys to wind down. ¬†Without further ado lets get into it.


1. You would be ahead of most people


The saying will always be the truth “knowledge is power”. It goes without saying that the more knowledge you have, the more power you would have ( in a good way of course ). You would have an advantage over most people, especially if you are reading the type of books that benefit you as a person and/or business books. Im not saying that you should only read these type of books, because we all need a break ( including me ) from these types of things lol. But you get the point.


2. You would be less “brain dead”

brain dead

When I mean by “brain dead” I don’t mean being in a coma in the hospital. What I mean is that if you don’t read books at all, you r brain would become lazy. You would not want to do much things when it comes to thinking and analyzing. Worst of all that would effect you on other places as well.


3. You would have a stronger mind

strong mind

Most people exercise their body, but don’t exercise their brain. Just like when you exercise your body and it gets stronger, this time you would exercise the mind and it would get stronger. The more you read the more ” alive ” your mind would be, you would be able to think better and faster. You can also be able to take more obstacles mentally.


4. You would have more ideas


If you read business books and articles, you would start to see that you can gather ideas from other people/entrepreneurs that gathered ideas as well. This is a really cool technique that you could use and implement on your business (or future business) so that you could have a better understanding on what ever business model you are partaking. This would be great for starters/newbies who are completely new to the field of business.

5. You would be a more interesting person


Although it is not my main reason for reading, but doing if often does actually make you that much more interesting. You would have more things to talk about. You can exchange ideas with other people, and people would actually want to hang out with you. Well at least the right type of people. People would see you as a smart person and that you know what you are doing.



  1. thebrother

    Hi Omar, I am with you on this. I have heard that reading a book a month can double your income in a year. I don’t know about that but I have not tried it either. My older brother read me bedtime stories when we were young and that made a big difference in my development. Today financially I am ahead of 50% of the population. I have a strong mind full of ideas and people find me interesting. Still I think reading is great but meditation is even better. We could meditate on what we read, how about that.

    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey “the brother”

      Although I heard that reading a book can raise your income, I did not know that it can double your income. Wow!

      It seems like you have a very good and supportive brother!:) Being ahead of 50% of the population sounds great! I ma going to be like that one day! Next stop for you 99%, or the 1% it is possible! Having a great mindset is the starting point of success. If people find you interesting, that’s good! If you meditate and read, that’s a great combo! There’s a good book called “The seven spiritual laws of success”, I highly recommend you read it!



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