Does Money Lead to Happiness

Does money lead to happiness? First of all I know this is a pretty sensitive topic to talk about to most of you guys, but I feel like it is good to talk about. This is a question that strikes wonder in so many people. It seems like everyone out there is looking for this very important question. A lot of people have different views of money, some people think is bad, some people think is good.

To me these all seem like opinions, BUT they are opinions worth talking about. After all money is one of the most important tools that we have/need, besides our health of course. As you can see there is a lot of confusion when it comes to this age old question. Also a lot of people in this world have mixed beliefs on the subject of money in correlation to the happiness of the person. Some people believe that it brings freedom and prosperity. While others believe that it just brings problems and conflict in ones life.

While there’s a lot of controversial topics and different opinions on the subject of money and the change it could bring to someone’s life. Lets try to talk facts here.


It depends on how you use your money

how you use your money

This is SUPER important but simple, it depends on how you use your money, if you use your money for doing things like partying every weekend or maxing out your credit cards, then I don’t think you would be really happy at least long-term, but if you decide to use it for your own ( or someones ) good. You would be very happy, especially if you have used that money to donate to charities or invest in yourself. It sounds cliche but it is the real deal, and if it is cliche then why are some many people doing the same damn thing every time? Lets say you had $10,000 and you used ALL that money JUST to party and do other stupid things like do drugs and stuff. Are you going to be happy? I don’t think so. Now lets say you used that same money and invest that money in yourself, and help others and do some traveling. You would most likely feel better about you self, especially when you are helping people, also your self esteem would likely increase, for more information on self-esteem click here. So yes money can lead to happiness IF you use it correctly. Traveling brings experience, which is way more important than material things in the long-run.


How money effects you


There are a TON of ways money affects your life. It can affect where you live, what kind of foods you eat ( for the most part ), and the places you can go. If you don’t have much money (as an adult), you won’t be able to live in a very good area, in fact if you have very little money you would probably live in a not so good area. Now I am saying “probably” because it depends where you live, the cost of living is different in every place. For example if you live in a city, lets say NYC, where the cost of living is very high, you won’t be able to live in a nice area. But in the suburb you might be able to get around that, but respectfully if you had more money you would be able to afford to live in better neighborhoods. Now lets talk about neighborhoods.


How money effects neighborhoods

how money effects neighborhoods

From my experience money effects neighborhoods BIG TIME. The neighborhoods with greater household incomes tend to be much better ones, than the ones with the low income. For example: Areas with more money tend to have less crime rates than areas with less money. Lets face it, crime rates really affect the quality of living. The more crime rates in a given area, the less safe it is ( pretty easy to find that one out ). And this is a BIG one, a lot of these areas with lower income have less health benefits or have less access to healthcare. The people in impoverished neighborhoods tend to have less access to quality super markets, stores, and even schools. Speaking of this , people in these areas tend to be more unhealthy than people in better areas. It can also affect your stress levels (not majorly but somewhat), for instance if you are walking in a bad area during a certain time of the day, you are probably gonna have a different perspective and thinking who is behind you, or if you are going to get robbed. Now if you live in a good area, you don’t have to think of that as much. Check this out, I think this would be interesting to read. Now lets talk travel


How it affects travel

how it effects travel

This one I believe is one of the most important things that money can buy, traveling (believe it or not) is one of the best things a person can ever do in his/her lifetime. Travel can and will make great memories, you would remember the people you interacted with. You can also even travel to certain parts of the world that people have never been to before. We have all heard of world travelers and how they explain their experiences that they had. They seem so happy that they experienced that, and the best thing is that they could tell other people what they went through. Without much money, you won’t experience this stuff. BTW there are studies that it is not money itself, but the experiences you get that brings happiness.


How it affects health

how it effects health

There are a lot of ways money effects health, from the food you buy, even from the type of gym you join. There is quite a strong correlation between money and health. There is also another very important reason why there is a strong correlation and that is one thing, STRESS. The reason for this is because money is the greatest form of stress. No wonder it is not surprising, especially when you have so many people out there complain about money. To me it sounds if they had more money, or at least used it wisely, they would feel better.


Money and happiness correlation

money and happiness correlation

The correlation of money and happiness go hand in hand together. Although thats true, theres a certain point that it would not really boost your happiness levels.  Certian studies show that the income to happiness ratio stops dramatically at an income of $75,000. Seems really interesting that these were the results founded. There even said that Rich countries were happier than poor countries, while yea this seems obvious it is worth looking into.


Money and problems

money and problems

This is the part that makes the biggest difference in how people view money when its comes to their idea on how it makes them happy(ier). Lets face it, money plays a big factor when it comes to problems. If a person has any (or many financial problems) and that keeps him/her from many opportunities, he/she might not feel as good. But if that same person theoretically has more money, or at least enough money to solve all his/her problems, his/her life would be a lot easier in the long run. For example: if a person has a certain amount of debt, that he can’t pay (which is a problem) then he is going to have a lot of stress involved with that problem. Now lets say he has money to repay that debt, all of his problems would instantly go away ( or lessen ). So it seems like a person with more money ( or wealth ) would have less anxiety and stress, since he has less problems to deal with. Speaking of this, I believe this article has some type of correlation of what Im talking about here


Money and unhappiness

money and unhappiness

Okay we have talked before that money does correlate to happiness, but what about unhappiness? Well according to this article, it says that money does in fact make you less unhappy, but doesn’t not make you happier. To be honest, that sounds kind of controversial. But I believe it is worth thinking and reading about. BTW I do agree on the fact that money does in fact make you less unhappy, considering that I listed all the problems that you can have if you don’t have much money.


My opinion on this


I gave you guys some articles through my links because I wanted you guys to hear both sides of the story. I didnt want to be biased, and only show one side of the equation. I wanted you guys to see both sides of the story. While we cannot truly believe what some articles are saying, it does gives us a little idea of what we should be thinking about when it comes to money.


Money does bring happiness! ( indirectly )

money does bring happiness (indirectly)

In my honest opinion, based on my experience and many other people’s experiences that I know, money does in fact lead to happiness. When you don’t have much money in this day and age, you can’t do much, let alone take care of your family properly if you had one. My question to everyone is, if money doesn’t lead to happiness, according to some articles, then why is it the number one source of stress.

It sounds really funny to me how one of the primary sources of someone’s life doesn’t bring happiness. Like come on, there are sooo many people out there suffering from poverty and don’t have the adequate funds to support themselves. There’s a reason why there are organizations that are specifically designed to help those people ( aka welfare ). I was raised in a not so good area, and let me tell you the vibes (energy) is so crappy. Most people literally look like they are about to catch a temper tantrum, and I don’t blame them. Heres an interesting article about it


The reason for this


Well if you have struggled with money before, like my parents did, you would know that you won’t be very happy. You would have every minute of the day worrying if you can pay the bills, car payments, and if your young, student loans, some times you even have to worry if you can be able to feed your family! These things do have an effect on you, especially if you been going through this for a while. The bottom line is that money eliminates ( or minimizes) problems you may have, which in turn eliminates WORRY. All of a sudden the stress goes away.


Money gives you FREEDOM

money gives you freedom

This is THE most important thing that money can give you. Having ultimate freedom gives you the chance to do what ever you want, whenever you want, how ever you want in your life. Imagine spending more time with you family, don’t HAVE to work for someone else, travel the world (or at least travel more often). There is an interesting article  that has to do with economic freedom vs happiness correlation. If you want to see an article that provided evidence and backed by a few studies on how free people tend to be happier people, click here


Money gives you more opportunity

money gives you more opportunity

This goes along with the freedom that money gives you. The reason why I put this under freedom is because without much freedom, you won’t have much opportunity. Its a proven fact that if you don’t have much money you won’t get much opportunities. Now I am not saying that you would not have opportunities, because obviously is still possible. But the truth of the matter is that there are certain opportunities out there that only money can get you. For example, if you have money (not necessarily wealthy), you would have more business opportunities at your side. Another example is that you have more opportunities to invest your money into things, like stocks, bonds, real estate etc. Check this article


You can give back to communities and people

you can give back to communities and people

This is one of the most fulfilling actives you can do with money, although there are certain ways you can give back without using money. The thing is that you won’t be able to donate to charities or won’t be able to help as much as you could. There are many 3rd world countries and poor communities that don’t have much money, and they are in desperate need of help by people. The thing is if you don’t have much money, you would have to look for other ways to volunteer.


Money and health


This is BY FAR one of the most important advantages of having money. If you have a certain amount of money, you would have access to the best healthcare, and great treatments. There is a very strong correlation  between health and wealth. Having wealth would positively impact your health, the reason? You would eliminate the number 1 stress related issue, which is….money! You won’t have to be awake in the middle of the night wondering if you can pay the bills, you won’t HAVE to work, you can do as you please. You can also buy the highest quality food on the market, such as organic food and health drinks WITHOUT having to worry how much money you are using.


Money and education

money and education

This is another part worth talking about, especially if you have kids. Being wealthy gives the family an opportunity to give their kids superior education. Education is the foundation of success to most people. Giving their kids superior education would give them a much higher chance of them becoming successful in life. That would in turn make them happier, which ultimately makes the family happy.


The final answer


Based on the info I gathered and my experience (as well as other peoples experiences). Money has the potential to bring happiness if you use it right. While money can’t isn’t everything, it is right up there. As you can see there are so many things that you can do, especially if you have good intentions. You can do so many things that are worth your time, and not having to worry so much. Check this article out. The crazy thing is that so many people say that “money doesn’t buy happiness” or “money is the root of all evil” but then I see these same people wishing they had more money or even worse, playing the lottery and on top of that they bash wealthy people. So, to anybody who says that “money can’t buy happiness” say this back “but neither does poverty”.


Until next time



Please state your opinions


Don’t just take me word for word, please state your opinions down below. Keep in mind, these are my opinions, from my experiences.  Please tell me from your experience if money brings happiness or not, FOR YOU, not me. Also tell me why it does ( or doesn’t ). I am open to all kinds of comments, good and bad (gulp).


Until next time,






  1. emmanuel

    Hey OSanchez,

    I agree with you that money does affect your life sometimes. Money is not everything but it sure will make you live a better life.

    I think that money is aa big part when people are in depression because they suffer from wondering how they are going to live!

    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey Emmanuel,

      Yes money does have the power to affect peoples lives. Believe me when I was suffering through depression I thinked so much about money lol. But on a serious note money does effect you tremendously. Have you had this experience? Thanks for taking the time to read my article.:)


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