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LiIn one of my recent posts that I wrote down, I mentioned that I was going to write an article oh how to become a grateful person in life. Well here it is. Being grateful in life is the means of appreciating everything that goes on around you and being happy with it. The starting point of being happy is enjoying everything in the present moment. In other words you should compare what you have to others. OK so here is the article…


1. Do not compare yourself to other people



I understand that a lot of people compare themselves to other people because that’s natural, or should I say normal. While yes this is normal it is not good at all! You are always going to meet someone that is more intelligent, more rich and more attractive than you. That is how life is. But the thing is that you can change that, by being yourself and not worrying what other people have or how they are living. Listen to this carefully because this is so important, comparing yourself to other people is going to suck your self worth out of your soul. Please do not do this. Think about it, there is a pretty high chance that those people you are comparing yourself to would not care about you at all. That’s the bottom line, life is more than comparing yourself to other people. Once again please don’t do it, you would regret it in the long run.


2. Be aware of your self talk

self talk

The starting point of all positive human emotions is within yourself, especially the way you talk to yourself. Most people don’t realize that they could literally change their lives by just talking to themselves positively. The same applies for being grateful. You know why? Come on you should know:). Okay I will tell you, being in a sense of gratitude is a positive thing also. Saying things like I feel so happy that my parents gave me a gift,, even though it is not the best, because they worked hard to give me that gift. Or you have that car that takes you from point A to point B. It may not be a great car, but you are happy that you at least have a car. You can tell your self that you are so happy and grateful that you have whatever things in you life. Trust me if you really appreciate everything that you have in your life, you would be much happier because you are looking at your life in a more positive note. Life is about being positive and being grateful, not being unhappy and being contempt.


3.   Live in the moment

live in the moment

Life is beautiful and full of so many experiences and opportunities. You should take every moment with appreciate what’s going on in your life. When you are eating food, do you enjoy it when you are eating it very fast, or when you eat it and take slow bites? Obviously the latter because you are actually tasting and enjoying the moment that you are eating the food, rather than stuffing it in your mouth and gulping it down like it is water. I used to eat really fast and my appetite didn’t go away, so I know what I’m talking about. Never do things for the sake of doing it, because you are doing something just to get it out of the way, instead of thinking it to heart. Going through life strolling around like a zombie and doing things without you enjoying and appreciating them is certainly a great way to not ling in the moment and to be miserable all your life. Life is about you enjoying every single moment as long as you are alive.


4.  Remember and look at the bad stuff

bad stuff

This may sound contradictory to positive thinking, but when it comes to being grateful is almost necessary. It may sound kind of rude, but have you ever looked at someone, whether it be online, in a story or on the news that was in a much worse situation than you were? Then your response in your head was like “Wow, thank goodness I am not in that situation” or “My life’s good in comparison to that persons life”. The point of this is that no matter how bad you think your life is, there is always going to be someone that has it worse than you.  Doing this is good because it makes you see how bad some people’s lives truly are. If their life is much worse than yours, it makes you think that you life is not bad. That in turn is going to make you be REALLY grateful for the life you are living now. All of this comes down to psychology, by changing your perception of your own life. Another effective technique you can use is that you look back and think of the bad things you have experienced in the past and look at yourself now. If you see the bad experiences that happened to you and you made it this far today, take that as a way that you pushed against those barriers, because you actually did!


5. Drown your self in inspirational things and motivational quotes


Who can have gratitude without getting some postivity flowing through them like water. The good thing about looking at motivational quotes is that they remind you to be a grateful person in times when you are not feeling good, so this could serve as a great basis to boost you up. You would also need a little “pick me up” at times, because you are not always going to be in a positive mood. As long as you are listening to motivational stuff, and get inspired to do stuff, you would be grateful your entire life.


6. Recognize that you are special in your own way

be true to yourself

I’m sure many of you guys have heard this saying at least once in your life.This is true for everyone, even for those less fortunate. The problem is that many people don’t take this to heart, they are always comparing themselves to other people and never pay attention to the best thing … them! Listen, nobody is really different from nobody! We breathe the same air, eat food and drink water. A lot of people don’t realize that they would be much more grateful and happy if they pay attention to themselves and their accomplishments. Everybody possess a special talent, that nobody else has in the world. YOU have a special talent that I don’t possess, none of the 7 billion people in this world have that talent that you have! How amazing is that! It makes no sense to compare yourself to other people because that’s what they are, different from you! They are special too, in there own way.


7. Look at your past accomplishments and honor them

past accomplishments

This is one of the most effective ways to make yourself incredibly grateful. First of all because it shows that you have don a lot of good things in your life. Second of all, it shows that you are completely capable of doing good things again. These things alone would make you realize that you have been doing good in life even when you don’t realize it. Also one thing that I have to mention here is, if people tell you, that you cant do anything, do listen to them, they are just trying to make you feel bad about yourself. Another alternative to this is that you can also write your accomplishments. Personally I would like to write my own accomplishments because I could actually read them. Keep thinking about your accomplishments, it is going to get you far in life, I promise:)


8. Write down the things you are grateful for


Being grateful for things is one thing, but actually writing them down is a completely different story. Writing down the things you are grateful for would magnify your gratefulness towards them. When you are writing something down, your brain would able to process it better, and in some cases you would  memorize them more. Talk about being grateful! You would also feel better that you are writing it down, because you are going to have a good feeling that you have that list in your head, as well as in the piece of paper that you are writing on.


9. Have good intentions and take action on them

good intentions

There is a a very strong correlation between contributing and happiness, it is a true fact that people who help others are much more happier than those who don’t. I think I should add gratefulness also. If you help other people out, you would feel much better about yourself. You would not really have time to compare yourself to other people, let alone have a lot of negative thoughts. You would be spreading positive vibes everywhere you go, especially to the people who are in need of help. Although you should be happy with whats going on in your life and what you have, by helping out other people, you would feel much happier. That source of happiness would in turn increase your gratitude exponentially.








  1. Patrick

    Inspirational self improvement techniques are one of the most interesting and fun things in my life. Being grateful for sure ranks up there pretty high. Meditating and staying in the moment is key. Maintain the ever watchful eye over the ego, being thankful for every day and to sit in reflection about all the wonderful things you have you may take for granted. Living each and every day is a blessing in itself. Wonderful article!

    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey Patrick,

      I completely agree with you that self-improvement is one of the most important things you can do in your life. There are so many different type of self-improvement techniques that a person can use that a complete book could be written about it. Being grateful and meditation is one of the best things that you can do to improve your life. The great thing about Self-Improvement is that you can become a totally different person (in a good way) as you improve yourself in life. Think and Grow Rich is a book I recommend you to read if you haven’t already. There are also other books that I recommend in my site.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article:)


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