How to get through tough times

Life is the greatest gift a person could ever have. It is full of so many wonders, From having a chance to explore nature, to traveling the world. Life also gives you so many opportunities to make a difference and feel good about yourself. But life could also bring some nasty problems a long the way as well. I am going to list a few things on what do when you feel like giving up. Hope you enjoy!:)

Use positive affirmations


Have you ever wondered why some people (almost) always seem to be happy? I’m talking about the people that are very out going, and could talk to anyone with positive influence on them. The ones that are charismatic and always seem to be likable people. Well would would you think if I tell you that all of this has to do with the mind?, and that you can figure out how to get through tough times using this strategy.

All of these emotions that you feel, based towards a particular situation is all in the mind. You have control over how you feel, no matter what situation you are in. Anyways most (if not all) bad situations, are not as bad as they seem to be. While that is true that you won’t be able to be 100% positive, this would definitely help your attitude towards things that you are going through, and life in general. Well the use of positive affirmations has made a positive influence on people who use them. They have been used by all types of people, from working class to the rich.

Basically affirmations come in set of sentences that have a positive saying. For example: “I am going to do my best no matter what stands in my way!” Or “I am going to be the best working person at my job” or even better “I am going to live an abundant life, I am going to attract all the good things in life, including money, wealth, and overall happiness, while contributing (even if its small), while enjoying what I do for a living. Or you can make it simple like “I am going to be a positive influence towards others”.

These type of affirmations are what I call “written affirmations” Like I said earlier these are just simple sentences that you can say to yourself, whether out loud or in your head, you can even create them yourself. While these are affirmations on how to be more positive, keep in mind when you are going to use written affirmations, as well as make your own, whether you use your mind or saying them out loud, you have to REALLY mean it. In other words what you are saying to yourself has to come from your heart and not to say it for the sake of using them, otherwise it is not going to work.

Believe it or not, we use affirmations all the time, what we say or think about ourselves or even a situation are actually “affirmations” that we are using, whether there are good or bad. We just think and say it. These are just one of the most basic, as well as common affirmations there is. It is also one of the least time consuming affirmations to use. Although these affirmations are effective, there is also a different types of affirmations. These type of affirmations are video affirmations.

Video affirmations contain the same type of positive information in a sentence, but just in a video. Basically instead of the sentence it would be a video. For example, if you have an affirmation sentence that says “I would live an abundant life”. In the video, it would say “I would live an abundant life”. Usually it would be a man or a woman (or an automated system) that would say these things. Some of the videos last for 5 minutes, while some last up to two hours. So as you can see, these videos have a very wide variety of time spans.

The reason for the different time lengths of the videos are because they are to be used for different purposes. The short videos are to be used for quick moments, or a time when you have to do something imminent. So before that you can get a quick boost in your mood and your energy for the day. The longer videos are usually for the night time when you are about to sleep. These are the times when you want to hear as much positive things as possible, so you can end your night on a good note.

It would be most effective if you play these videos when you are about to sleep, and keep them playing while you are sleeping so that way the videos would be conditioning your mind with positive language. While you are not actually hearing what the video is saying, your mind would be picking up the positive affirmations unconsciously. So when you wake up the next morning, you would feel more refreshed. Keep in mind this is a long term practice, its not going to be a quick “miracle”.

So basically these affirmations, whether it be a sentence type or a video type are designed to condition you into positive thinking . There would be a point in time when you would be thinking about positive experience and also having a positive outlook on life, because you exposed yourself so much with positive talk and influence that you are now doing it unconsciously. Doing it unconsciously is good because basically your mind would be on “autopilot” when it comes to these things. All of this would put you on your way to becoming very successful in life.

Good questions for this can be


  1. What is holding me back and why?
  2. What’s causing me to think negative?
  3. Why do I feel I won’t accomplish this?
  4. How can I increase my overall positivity?
  5. How can I make these affirmations work for me?

Know that you are not the only one going through tough times


As my father used to tell me, “you are special,but not that special”. What he meant by this is that there are many people going through the same thing I was going through. This is so true, there is not a problem that you are going through in this world that nobody’s going through. This happened from my experience, when I was having a particular problem with something, or I felt bad, I felt like I was the only one going through this problem out of the entire world. Sometimes I just feel like when you are going through a bad situation it magnifies the way you think.

If is just about impossible for nobody going through the same problem as you are going through. There are 7 billion people in this Earth and out of ALL these people you think that you are going through whatever particular problem you are having. Well think about it this way, there is a 1:7,000,000,000 (billion) chance that you are the only one going through this specific problem. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty damn low. Heck I even have a much higher chance of winning the lottery;)

For example I used to suffer from depression and anxiety while I was in High School. Keep in mind that this is a major situation that I was going through for over 2 years. So as you can imagine it was something of serious business. When I was going through this, I felt that I was the only one suffering from this trauma and that nobody understood what I was going through. Only to realize after the fact that millions of people go through this everyday. It was a lesson I learned the hard way.

Like I said about negative situations and emotional disturbance. When you are going through these tough times it can magnify your “loneliness”. In other words you would feel like you’re  the only one. You’re  not the only one! So next time you are going through a tough time, read this post, or talk to someone. As long as you get some help, and that you don’t feel like you are the only one thats going through something, thats cool.

It sounds corny or in some cases kind of mean, but if you know someone that is going through the same situation as you, you would feel a bit better. That way you would know that some one has the potential to understand you. So next time you feel a certain way, read this post or talk to a trusted person. Just know you can always get support.

Questions to ask your self


  1. How can I get myself out of this situation?
  2. How many people are actually going through the same situation as me?
  3. Is it really that bad?
  4. Is this negative situation permanent?
  5. Is this situation stronger than ME?


Make it fun


In my opinion this is the best way to stay motivated. You want to be enjoying each and every moment of what you are doing. Doing and enjoying what you are doing is going to make you that much happier overall. And being happy is going to cause you to be even more motivated towards what you are doing. The best thing is that it is going to be much easier to tackle those obstacles that come your way. In fact they might seem like little obstacles, rather than big obstacles. Even if you get some big obstacles along the way, you will be able to tackle them relatively easy.

Also if you are having fun in what you are doing, then it is actually better for your productivity. Increasing your productivity is definitely  going to keep you motivated since you are going to be doing much more work. That in turn is going to make you feel more accomplished, which is going to make you even MORE motivated. Do you see what Im seeing here? It works like a cycle, you would need to have positive energy in sync for this to work (almost) perfectly. I am not saying that you should have positive energy all the time (which is impossible), but maximize it.


Look at your past accomplishments (even if its hard)


A lot of people make the mistake of not looking at their past accomplishments. They forget about all what they have done, you should look back and see what you have done if you want to stay motivated. You should also need to realize that you are a unique person and that everyone’s different. In other words you have something that others don’t. If you don’t look and think about the things that you accomplished in the past, you not going to have a lot of motivation to move forward.

Now you may be asking me “Omar, how is there motivation involved?” If you are asking this, thats a good question BTW. Well if you look at your past history and see all of the great (or some) things that  you have did in the past you, that would make you think twice about whats going on now. For example: You would realize that it is not worth stopping on doing something, especially if its not going to get you anywhere if you do stop (hence quitting). Also by doing this you would feel much better about yourself, which would increase your self-esteem.

This would in turn make you more confident in yourself to accomplish something. This is what’s going to keep you pushing forward no matter what happens in the process. This is going to keep you stronger no matter what happens. We all need that little push that makes us pass through these obstacles. So next time you are going through something bad, please remember the things that you have accomplished.

Questions to ask yourself in this category

  1. If I stop now what happens?
  2. I’m I really that weak to let my negative emotions take over me?

So these are really effective ways to get you going in life. So next time you feel bad about yourself, think about this!


Recognize that this is temporary and that it would pass

temporary one day

I could already feel the pain in you guys. I know how it feels to go through a really tough time. Let alone on how to get through tough times. When you are going through a tough time, let’s say like a loss of a job or you are having bad grades in school. I know, I know it feels like a long freaking time. Some times you would think its going to last forever and that there is no good left in world. One of the reasons why you would feel this way  are because…


1. Negative energy feels more intense than positive energy

bad intense

I hate to say this, and I am highly confident that you guys feel the same. Negative energy feels stronger than positive energy, especially if its something really bad. Hence is the reason why we get so emotional when something bad happens. Also that is the reason why people find it so hard to focus on the positive, when there is so much negativity going on around them. Negative  energy is designed to put you down when it comes to tough times, but you have to fight it, if you don’t you will lose. Don’t fall into this trap!!!


2. We focus more on the negative energy (for the most part)

con negative energy

Unfortunately for most of us this is true. We tend to focus on the bad stuff (even if it is small) more than the good stuff. For instance, lets talk school terms: if you get A’s on most of your classes, but you get an F on one class. Which one are you most likely to focus most of your energy on? The class that you did bad on of course! Obviously it depends on how bad you did on that specific class as well, thats the reason why I chose a grade “F” for the sake of this example. Because that grade would definitely magnify the way you  look at it. I was a victim of this as well. I am not saying forget about the bad stuff, just don’t put too much energy on them.


3. Negative feelings effect us more than positive feelings


This is so true, when we experience something positive, we tend to be happy and perhaps celebrate a bit. But when we experience something negative, we would go crazy (sometimes) thats another reason why we tend to think that it would last forever.


4. Negative energy tends to take us down faster than positive energy takes us up


This is one of the worst ways negative energy can impact us, it causes so many people to “collapse” and give up. In other words negative energy has a more powerful effect ( or we let it have a more powerful effect ) than positive energy does. Hence why when we are going through a negative time it feels like forever.

While all these things look bad and sound bad, just remember that negative situations are always temporary, I want you to stick that sentence in your head like a nail. Never forget that. If you realize this you would be ahead by a long shot.


Okay so that ends this post for today, I hope that these ideas are going to help you out.


With gratitude





  1. Jeanette

    Hello Omar,

    This is a very powerful fantastic article! I agree with you about positive affirmations. They can help so much. I personally do this to start my day off right. I usually repeat, “Today is going to be an awesome day!” I usually do this for when I go to work on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. It really helps to start my day out right.

    I am wanting to get more into a regular routine in the morning even on days I don’t work. You have some wonderful ideas for positive affirmations here, I’m gonna try some of them and start doing that first thing in the morning every day. Maybe even doing a personal video of me repeating the affirmations.

    You are so right about thinking you are the only one going through a bad situation. It helps so much to know you’re not alone. Being able to reach for support is important. Focusing on the positive things that I’ve accomplished also really helps to keep my head above the water. Again thank you for this amazing article!


    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Thanks you so much for taking the time to read my article! Yea starting your day with positive affirmations is a great thing to do, so you can start off good. Starting a routine could be quite tough, especially if you are a busy person. For me I tend to say them in my mind, or out loud if nobody is around me.

      I did a personal video once, I was recording myself and I wanted to see how I sounded like when I was saying them. It was kind of weird to be honest lol.

      It seems like the negative energy tends to make you feel alone, which makes it even worse. But fortunately you can control that:) Focusing on the positive and the things you have accomplished in your life is so detrimental to your well being. In other words being grateful is one of the most important things you can have.

      Question: Do you only use one affirmation? Or many affirmations?

      Once again thanks for reading my article!:)


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