How to go from Ordinary to Extraordinary

In a world where there are many people that don’t have great ambitions and aspirations, it is very hard to get correct advice from the people that you admire, let a long speak to them in person, not only that but even your own family and friends may give you the wrong advice.. When you are a person that aspires to be something extraordinary in life, it can feel like you are a lonely piece of grass in huge land of grass. What makes it even harder is that you have to be quite careful on who you tell your goals and ambitions to.

Many times people would try to put you down by saying negative things to you. Sometimes even your so called “friends” can tell you that they can support you and then  without notice they stab your back. You really have to truly know who the person is before you can become friends with him/her. It makes no sense and is also quite stupid if you see a person for the first time and you call him/her a friend.

A platonic relationship has to occur first. It sounds cliche, but this is very important, especially if you want to become uber successful. As time goes by you can feel overwhelmingly lonely. I have experienced this myself as well. The thing is you shouldn’t let that stop you from being the extraordinary person you are looking to become. With that being said, lets get started


1. Make friends with likeminded people

like minds

This is one of the most important advice there is on how to become from ordinary to extraordinary, because you would inevitably  need to make friends with people of the same mind set as you. Thats why I wrote 3 paragraphs about making friends and meeting people with like minds. This advice that I am giving here is actually similar to the ” you are the average of the five people you hang out with”. There are many ways tho meet like-minded people, through social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedln. You could also go to libraries and go to self-improvement section of them and you can find those kind of people there.


2. See what most people are doing and do the opposite


Now I am not saying you have to do EVERYTHING differently that most people do. What I mean by this is that I want you to see the unproductive things that most people put their energy to, and then I want you to put most (not all) of your energy into doing productive things. For example: If most people are partying, go and read. If most people don’t free their mind, meditate. Get the trend here? Good! Also the reason why I said “most” and instead not saying all is because we all need occasional fun at times. If we balance productivity with some fun, you would be able to recharge our minds for the next time you would be productive.


3. Drown yourself in success mindset things


This i actually more of the conditioning aspect of your brain. This could actually be one of (if not the fastest) ways to become success oriented. The reason for, like I said earlier, the conditioning of the brain. It is a proven fact that if you keep submerging your brain into a lie that you made up, there would come a time when you would actually believe it. Although the topic is not the same, the concept and/or analogy is still the same.

4. Read motivational quotes from time to time

motivational quotes

Although this seems like it stems from some corny motivational article, reading inspirational quotes from time to time can be a great start to putting your feet in the vast sea of self- improvement. These quotes are extremely effective if you read them first thing in the morning. It is known that if you start your day positive, the rest of your day is going to be positive. Obviously if you read quotes and don’t take them seriously and/or take action, nothing is going to happen. So get moving!:)


5. Set yourself some goals and work for them


This is BY FAR the most important tip here, taking action is one of the the big first moves you are going to inevitably take if you want to be massively successful.All of us have heard go this saying “knowledge is power”. I think they should of tweaked it a bit like this:”knowledge is potential power”. You can read all the self-improvement books in the world, take courses, even read my website. The bottom line is, if and IF you don’t take action, nothing matters.



well done

So there you have it, the tips that you can use on how to become from ordinary to extraordinary. These tips, if used properly would make you uber successful if you start implementing them as much and as well as often as you can. If order to have these tips work for you, is to be…one word…PERSISTENCE. The more time you invest into some thing, the more easier and comfortable you become with doing these things. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a singe step. Get going! =)




  1. Tom

    Greetings Omar!

    You have certainly made some good points here! A short list of things anyone can do to set themselves apart from the masses.

    In your opening paragraph you mention ” a world where there are many people that don’t have great ambitions and aspirations” . To me it seems that our culture is doing everything they can to try to breed out the idea of being exceptional.

    We give trophies just for showing up. Recently I read that graduates at one school could NOT wear their sash they had earned by achieving National Honor Society grades, because it might make the other students sad. How pathetic.

    This world will walk all over the mediocre! If you want to be successful, you must rise above the mundane!


    1. Omar Sanchez

      Hey Tom!

      The fact that this society makes it seem like the extraordinary people are bad people is mind-boggling in my opinion. I hate it how sometimes ( or a lot of times ) brainwashes most people into thinking this. I am working on my self to separate myself from the masses as much as I can, and I am getting better by the day at doing this! It seems like people are scared to achieve success. Maybe because they don’t have a “why”. Well I have a “why” maybe thats the case. But still though I can’t see myself being “average. I am a great person, and I went through a bad time in the past so why should I be normal? Not to sound blunt but If people are mediocre, nobody would really care about those people. Any ways thanks for taking the time to read my article:)

  2. Taking A Leap Of Faith

    Most people don’t aspire to greatness, so when you feel like you are meant to be extraordinary you may feel like you have no where to turn. What makes it harder is you have to be careful who you tell your ambitions and plans to, because they may try to talk you out of it, be negative nelly so, sabotage you, or even try to out do you themselves.

    To become extraordinary, become friends with likeminded people. Sometimes social networks are places you can go to find such individuals. Look at what most people are doing and do the opposite. Most people are unproductive, spend their time partying, or are to lazy to do what they need to do to get what they want. You need to meditate and creatively visualize what you want, you need to strive and work hard, and be willing to do anything you need to do to get what you want. Drown yourself in successful mindset things. Always be learning how to do better and be better about what you want to do to. Read motivational quotes and the ones that really hit home with you write down and post them around your home, to always keep them in sight. Set goals and work you way towards them, even giving yourself little rewards as you reach certain milestones as a reward to yourself.

    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey “taking a leap of faith” assuming thats your name lol JK. But on a serious note, it is so true that most people don’t have this feeling to be great. They just want to be normal like anyone else. Whether its becoming wealthy, super healthy and/ or travel the world. What ever it is, they just want to settle. Like are you kidding me?, we only get one life to live, might as well work for it in the beginning so we could live life to the fullest later. I like what you said about the productivity part, most people, all they care about is partying, and sleeping on the couch watching TV. I recently started meditating and it feels great! Best of all theres a park by me that I go to, so I do it outside.:) I have so many quotes in my house and on my phone lol. I am doing my absolute best to surround myself with these type of people, and like you said theres not a lot of those people out there. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article:) Lets stay in touch


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