How to live an amazing life

How to live an amazing life


It seems like in today’s day and age that everyone’s looking for the answer to live a life that’s worth living. I’m talking about the life where you are having peace of mind, you have very little worries and do what ever you want, when ever you want and however you want. The life when you got the energy and passion to do a lot of things that you always wanted to do. The fact of the matter is that there are many factors that can create an extraordinary life and be as happy as dog eating his first big meal. While there are many little factors that do effect on how to have a good life. These are going to be the main factor that make life good. This article is for people who are not settling to live a mediocre life, these are for people who are looking to be unique, who are looking to stand out. These are for extraordinary people!



Health in itself is THE most important thing that a person could ever have. The sad thing is that this a category that a lot of people often overlook, or take seriously. It not seen as a very important. Most people put little to mediocre effort to Improve their health don’t really care about their health! Some people out there actually don’t think about their health at all! I mean the famous statistics that over 65% of the American population and the rest of the world says it all. If more people did care, the numbers of the amount of people being overweight would be significantly lower. Health is one of the most important aspects a person could ever have, without it nothing else matters much. Health effects us in so many ways that if I were to write all the effects, I could write everything until I die. I find it amazing how the most important thing to have in human existence is least taken care of. Health is affected by two sub categories, which is diet and exercise.

For the sake of this article, lets talk about things you can do to achieve great health. The people in this category are obviously not going to be able to do certain things that their mediocre counterparts. These people DO NOT watch TV all day in the weekend. They go outside and exercise daily ( or at least weekly). And most importantly they pay strong attention into the types of food they eat. Their typical food is sometimes organic foods and no processed food. If they want to go even further they would buy non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods. They typically would drink very little to none sugary drinks and Sodas. And they don’t smoke. All this good food does add up, especially in the long run. As a result these people stay strong physically as well as mentally. If you are going through this path, they are going to have little to some health problems when there are older, like high blood pressure, If you are a guy, more testosterone for you. You will be able to do certain activities and feel good about yourself, which effectively positively alters your self-esteem. All that (perhaps including other stuff) eventually is going to effect your life positively . Like the saying goes ” you are what you eat”. Who ever said that wasn’t lying.

Exercise is another very important part of your health and well being. Although it is not as important as eating healthy, it still plays an important role in your health. If you don’t do much physical activity, your energy levels would drop. A physical activity could be as easy as taking a long walk around your neighborhood or the city. Go outside, hang out with friends, at least do something. You would notice that if you start doing these things you would feel more “alive”. Your well being would increase, as well as your overall mood. Please don’t be one of those people that stays inside of the house not doing anything, just laying on the couch and switching channels day and night “hence couch potato”. One of the main reasons why I overcame my severe depression and anxiety was because I exercise, it wasn’t fast but is was worth it. Oh and about exercise, did you know that the average American works out once every SIX MONTHS?! That is crazy! Let me tell you another fact, sitting down on a chair for certain amount of time is equivalent to smoking a cigarette! So for you non smokers out there, this should be enough motivation to get you moving! Ever since I realized that I needed to take charge of my health and well being, I started going out side literally almost every single day! I would go out and hang out with my friends. And if that wasn’t an option I will go out by myself, and if I was bored, I would just go and meet new people. It drastically improved the way I felt about myself. So get of your duff and stop watching those reality TV shows and take charge of YOUR reality health!



With money being so important and the keys to living a prosperous life ,I couldn’t have helped but continue thinking about this topic. To most people, having an abundance of money is a good indicator for living a great life. Money can solve most people’s problems, while to a small amount of people it could bring more problems (which is the exception). A lot of Money could buy you a lot of nice things, a nice car, a nice house, a nice area, you know the deal. But there is one HUGE thing that money can give you, FREEDOM! This is the ultimate “thing” that money can give you, freedom from worry. I included freedom from worry here because so many people in this world worry about money. They worry about not having enough money to pay the rent, bills and for food. In one of my articles in my site, I mentioned that money was the number one source of stress, more than anything else. I also read in an article that an astonishingly large amount of people live paycheck to paycheck. Living paycheck to paycheck check means that you have a job and it pays you a certain amount, and ALL of that money goes to the rent, car food, clothes and other essentials and you won’t have any money to do the things you want. Do you want to know what the number is? Ok you ask for it, and the number is………75%! That number is insane! Think about it this, 3 out of 4 people are living paycheck to paycheck. These people are always complaining about the amount of money they have left and that they can’t do much. These people don’t have much freedom in their lives.

Anyways, lets talk about freedom here, if you have a great amount of money gives you a lot of freedom in your life. You would have the freedom to live life on your own terms. In some cases you won’t even have to work at a J.O.B or rely on someone else to pay you a certain amount of money, and to give you time off such as a vacation. You would be able to have more time to work towards your goals and dreams ( if you are not passionate about your job ) and use to travel the world and discover new places. You can use that time to even give back to charity and volunteer in certain communities. If you have wealth, you can buy that dream house that you always wanted, you do certain activities that most people won’t be able to do, like skydiving etc. If you have a family, you can have enough money to pay for child expenses, take your wife to certain exotic locations and spend more time with your kids. You can even buy your kids certain stuff ( without spoiling them ) and not having to worry if you have enough money in your bank account, or wherever else you put your money. You would have the opportunity to live life to the fullest!

Another thing that money gives you is security. If you have enough funds in your savings, as well as your investment portfolio(s), you would be much more secure than most people, since most people don’t even pay attention to this. But much more importantly, you would have secured your future, and if you have a family, them as well. You would not HAVE to work at a certain place at a certain time, those days would be over. The fact of the matter is, no one wants to work a 9-5 for the rest of their lives, and I’m pretty sure you don’t. I definitely know I don’t! I can’t see myself doing that at all. I know some people that work until they are passed 75!! That’s not cool at all. The bottom line is wealth is extremely important for leaving the “Rat Race” and living an extravagant life. Wealth can make a Huge difference between dying flat broke working hard with nothing to show for it, or dying wealthy. Wealth also brings something of tremendous value that most people need in this world. That is peace of mind. Most people don’t have peace of mind when it comes to money. But if you have wealth under your belt, you can enjoy that fresh breeze in a spring morning more often. There would be no bills that you have to worry about, no bad debt, and taxes would not be an issue for you. Wealth has a pretty strong correlation to health when it comes to peace of mind and stress. Because the less wealth you will have, the more worries you have, which would result in more stress and then you would be less healthy. While the more wealth you have, the less worries you have, which would result in less stress and you would have better health.

One of the more obvious reasons why you would have better health is because you would have great access to better health care. You would be taken care of much better, than the rest of the population. You would have access to better doctors, nurses and even hospitals. In some cases you could have your very own doctor in your very own house! A lot of people think that they have to make the decision between being healthy and being wealthy, why not both? So as you can see health and wealth correlate pretty strongly together. Health and Wealth are great topics to talk about on how to live an abundant life. Now go out there and make that money!



While this category is going to be more on the romantic side, there are different aspects of love. The first aspect is loving some one, and the second one is giving back. These two aspects are very important parts on how to live a beautiful life. While love and the need to be with a partner may seem a bit corny nowadays, it is nowhere near corny. All of us need a loving partner or significant other, especially in the long run. Believe it or not, love is essential to having good health, with out it we would feel worthless. Love is the feeling of closeness and intimacy to another person. It is the feeling of knowing that you have someone that cares for you and supports you in any way possible. Love is the fuel of live. When you have love in your life or if you love someone, you would feel more “alive”.If you have love in your life, that is going to skyrocket your success in life in the long run. BTW love does not only mean having a significant other. It could mean having a best friend ( or a friend). Contributing is another aspect of love, when you are giving back to people or a community, it shows that you care for other people and that you are not selfish. It also works the opposite as well, if you feel that people care for you and need you, you would feel super good and feel that you are worth something to someone else. For it to be true love, it needs to work both ways, remember life is about balance. What is caring, LOVE! Sharing is caring.


happy woman

This is the last of them in the list. You may be asking yourself, or asking me why this is on the last of the entire list I wrote here. Well I’m here to tell this. The reason for that is because in order to achieve TRUE and lasting happiness you need to have all of the other three to be in sync with each other to feel extremely happy and feeling fulfilled. Most people don’t have all 3 in sync, there are a lot of people who have the health, but they are Flat broke. Some people have a great amount of wealth, but their health sucks. Some people have the love, but every thing else is missing. Health, for the reasons that you need to feel healthy and good about yourself, and to be able to function in tip top shape is important. You would also have more energy to do more things. Wealth, for the reason to have more opportunities and have the freedom to do the things that you want to do and passionate about ( traveling, hiking, partying, contributing etc ) know a lot of people always ask this question ” does money buy happiness? ” my answer to this is simple, it depends on HOW you use your money. If you use your money for experience you would be happier than buying material things in the long-run. By experience I mean trying new things and traveling. These are what’s going to make you happier, because it is going be something you remember and you could tell other people about it. Experience and traveling is a known fact to be much more pleasurable than material things. Another much more pleasurable, as well as fulfilling is contributing and helping others, especially the underprivileged. Doing this is going to cause you to have a lot of warmth in your heart and feel extremely good about your self, because you know that you are making a difference. As the great Tony Robbins said ” The secret to living is giving” he wasn’t wrong. With wealth you could increase your ways to help others.

Love, is basically the need to be with someone else like a friend or a significant other. Love works in a similar fashion to contribution as you are giving back and you show that you are spreading love and care to others.

Life is all about balance, you would need to have all 4 topics to be in sync, in order to live a great life. Don’t just go for one thing in this list, go for all of it! You are worth a lot! This may sound a little weird but the saying goes like this. ” Out of the 200 million sperm that were swimming in your moms womb, you were the one that got chosen”. So go out there and kill it everyone! That is it on this article on how to live an amazing life, see ya!

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  1. Sandy

    Great article and very interesting website. You have really written about all the important things that make life amazing. You started with health and you wrote that the exercise is very important to stay healthy. Are there any particular kind of exercises that you would recommend? Going to the gym, Yoga, Tai-Chi or anything else?

    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey Sandy!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article! You can’t have a great life without all of them;) As for exercises, if you can’t afford a gym as of now, you can do some push ups and pull ups. Yoga is another great exercise. One more thing that I didn’t list in my article is meditation. You can start out by meditating for 5 min a day and gradually work up to 30 min. For an even mo effective way to enhance your sense of well being, mix this up with a little jogging, and or going outside and relaxing in nature.

      Hope this helps:)



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