How to use the law of attraction to your advantage

What is the Law of Attraction?


The Law of Attraction is a natural law that is occurring in the Universe that we are in. It affects people’s lives, whether they know about it or not. This powerful law has been used by people for thousands of years. Countless People’s lives have forever been changed by harnessing the law’s power and integrating it the right way. Great leaders, such as Andrew Carnegie who was the Richest person in the United States of America inspired Napoleon Hill to write the book Think and Grow Rich. A lot of celebrities, have credited their success to the Law of Attraction, such as Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Deepak Chopra, and many others.

The law basically states that whatever and however you think, feel and believe, you would attract things in equivalent to that. For example: If what you think, feel, and believe that negative things are going to happen, when time permits bad things are going to happen to you, or at least have negative things influence you. Also if you think, feel, and actually believe that positive things are going to happen to you, when time permits good things are going to happen to you, and you are definitely going to have and attract positive influences to and around you. So as you can see the Law of Attraction can work against you or it can benefit you, it all depends on your vibration, which I am going to discuss here later.

Obviously I am going to talk about the positive side, because the point of me writing this article is give insight on how to use the Law of Attraction in a positive way. I am going to list how to apply the law of attraction very soon also. I am not saying that The Law of Attraction is going to work in miraculous ways off the bat. The purpose of using it is for mid-long term benefits,  and not for an instantaneous huge flow of everything that’s positive come right to you. It is not magic and it should not be treated as one either.

Now that I got that out of the equation, lets talk about the many different ways that you can use the Law of Attraction so that it could work with you, instead of against you, here we go!


How to use it so that it could benefit you


I said in the paragraph above that there are many ways on how to make the use of The Law of Attraction. I am going to describe here what you can do to so you can benefit from it. You can increase your vibration, work on your happiness level, have a sense of gratitude, have inspiration, passion and set your self up for the next day. These are the main components and by far the most important traits to have if you want to use the Law of Attraction. Because after all if you want to live a good life AND attract good things to you, there is nothing better than having positive and healthy traits right? I am going to list the law of attraction exercises down below. Now the fun begins!;)


1. Put yourself in a level of high vibration


Vibration, by simple definition is the energy that you have within yourself and give off to the world. There are two levels of vibration. The first level is low vibration, which means that you have low energy and you are not in a positive state. You don’t want to be in this state of being! The second level is high vibration. When you are in high vibration, you are in a very positive state and you feel very good, you also feel more “alive”. Now this is the state you want to be in!:)

This is of utmost importance for you to use the Law of Attraction in a very effective and positive way. When you are in a high level of vibration you tend to think more clearly and have more overall mental clarity. You also send high levels of radiant energy to people and things around you. The good thing about this is that people can sense this sub-consciously and would want to gravitate towards you. They see that you are giving out positive energy from within.

Most people like to be around other people who have high vibration, and you know what the best thing is? The best thing is that positive people are going to be around you also. And it is not also going to be positive people that you are going to attract either, but positive thoughts also. Now you might think I’m crazy but wait until you hear about this! When you are happy what do you think about? Happy stuff and/or good stuff! When you are sad, angry, or depressed you think about?

Sad and depressing stuff! You see how this all adds up? If you are in a low vibration you are in a negative state, and if you are on a high vibration you are on a positive state. If you are in a negative state you would attract negative things and people, if you are in a positive state you attract positive things and people. So boost your vibration levels up!:)


2. Be happy


I have to put this under the “vibration” category because these work very well together. In fact they work sort of in synergy with each other, so you basically need both in order for you to become successful in this field. However without being in a state of high vibration you can’t be a happy person. Because you would “secrete” negative energy as I said earlier. Overall being happy in general should be your number one priority as that is the “backbone” of living a good life. It also gives you the desire to do things that you are passionate about and it also increases your confidence when it comes to getting the things you want in your life,

When that happens you are going to feel like you are actually going to have those things that you want in your life. By things i mean material things as well as good circumstances. When you “feel” like you are going to get what you want out of life, you are actually making the Law of Attraction work in your favor! This is the importance of being happy, happiness place a big role on what the Universe gives to you. And by happiness I mean long-term happiness, as short term happiness has very little (if any) benefit on your overall quality of life. With happiness and high vibration you would be able to achieve and attract the great things in life. As they said “It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness”, so go out there and do things that make you happy!


3. Be a person of gratitude


Having gratitude towards the things you have in your life is a very healthy and effective way to become successful. Being in a state of gratitude can project you to unimaginable levels levels of abundance in your life. When you practice gratitude your life would be way less stressful, compared to when you are not grateful. Wake up every morning and write (or say) the things that you are grateful for in your life. Close your eyes and tell yourself everything that you have in your life that you appreciate. If you want to go really far get a gratitude journal or a gratitude app on your smartphone.

There are so many benefits that expressing gratitude brings, and I am going to mentioned them here.


  • Gratitude rewires your brain

By practicing gratitude in your life you would be able to focus more on the positive things than the negative things. As a result we train our minds to be positive and thus happier.


  • Write moments that you are grateful for

When you do this, you are essentially “bringing yourself” back to those moments when you were having a great time, so it is going to make you do more of the stuff that makes you feel good in the future. You brain would rewire itself as a result.



  • Increases your happiness

Having a gratitude journal can increase your happiness by up to 10%. That is the same impact as doubling your income!



  • Improves relationships

Being grateful helps establish more trust in the relationship. It also makes nicer, more social and more appreciative. Therefore it improves our marriage, deepen our existing relationships and make more friends



  • Improves your health

Practicing the art of gratitude improves our sleep, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and can decrease blood pressure. It has even been said that it could extend your lifespan by a few months or even years. What a great benefit of practicing gratitude!


  • Boosts your career

Gratitude increases your decision making capabilities. It helps you network, and it also increases your productivity. A big bonus is that it helps you get mentors.


  • Strengthens emotions

Gratitude creates happier memories, reduces envious feelings, and also helps us bounce back from stress.


  • Gratitude helps us “recruit” positive emotions

Negative emotions like greed, anger, jealousy and fear fade away. while forgiveness increases.


With all of these positive things happening in your life as a result of being grateful, you are seriously and certainly going to attract the positive stuff in your life!


Have inspiration


There is not much to say about this, but I’ll say it any way. Inspiration is the “driving force” for wanting to achieve bigger and better things. Inspiration may come in different forms, from other people, videos, movies or even friends. Inspiration can make you push yourself in ways that you never would have thought before. A lot of people’s lives have changed drastically because they got so inspired by something/or someone and decided to change their life for the better.

The great thing about inspiration is that it can actually bring you towards your purpose! For instance you see something on TV or on the internet that somebody did something great and/or something that you like, you would soon realize that your purpose is to do just that. Or another example: If you see someone living the lifestyle that you want, you are going to take massive action to achieve that same life style or even better.

Since you are inspired to achieve that lifestyle, and on top of that you feel like you are actually going to get there, you would start attract a series of good things that are going to help you achieve that lifestyle. Talk about Law of Attraction!


Be passionate towards something


If you are working towards something you are deeply passionate about, you would always feel like you are working towards something that is meaningful or worth your time. You would feel like you would have a sense of purpose in your life. As a result you would feel like you were meant to do that certain thing, and on top of that, your well being would increase. An obvious reason would be because now you feel like you are being very productive in your life.


Once you start feeling like this, the Law of Attraction would work in your favor!


Final thoughts


Using all of the strategies that I mentioned are going to work in hindsight with the use of the Law of Attraction. If you ACTUALLY read the above lists that I listed above, you would realize that all of these categories work extremely well together. In fact it is mandatory if you want to use the law to the best of your ability! There are a lot more of the law of attraction tips, but these are the most important. So start taking action today!:)





























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