Life is about balance!

Life is the most important gift that we could have, because without it we wouldn’t exist. The true meaning of life is to live it to the fullest and and enjoy it as you go. Just about everyone in this world wants a positive life. They are looking for a life that has NO negative attributes whatsoever and be TOTALLY positive. Heck I would like my life to be 100% positive! Most people think that they can achieve a life that is Utopia like. If you believe that you can have a perfectly positive life, well I am here to shatter this belief. Why?……Because it is literally impossible. There needs to be a part of you that is at the very least, have very little negativity. That isĀ  how life works. In the coming paragraphs down below, I am going to share this same concept on how it applies in other aspects of life. Here it goes!…..


How it applies to the Universe


Have you ever looked up at the sky and saw a lot of beautiful stars and wondered how they appeared so perfectly aligned with everything else? Have you ever read articles and books about the Universe on how it got created and how it works. Then after quite a bit of reading you ask yourself how does it work perfectly well. You realize that galaxies are different sizes for different reasons. But most importantly if you look at the structure of the Universe, you would see a very obvious evidence of how it is balanced. Here I am going to describe structures from the smallest to the biggest, so you can get a better understanding of my description. First we have planet Earth, and Earth is in the “habitable zone”, this zone is a part where it is not too cold or too hot, but just right, also it is just at the right distance from the Sun. Therefore there is a BALANCE of temperature and distance needed to support life. Then you have the Sun, which has a balance of size and temperature to support life on Earth without harming the climate of the Planet.

The Solar System also works in a balance, it contains 8 planets (excluding dwarf planets). The planet’s orbits are very far apart from each other, but they are at a perfect distance so they wont interfere with each other. The Sun has just enough gravity to keep the planets intact in the solar system. After that is the Milky Way galaxy, which is the galaxy that we live in. This galaxy has a balance of dark matter and visible matter, as well as different types of gases to stabilize this colossal spiral of stars. Then we have clusters of galaxies, which are separated into groups of super clusters. These such clusters are separated by huge voids that contain literally nothing. The rest of the Universe contains a balance of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.


How this applies to Planet Earth/nature


We all know that planet Earth is the best planet that can support life. There are a lot of things in this planet that cause this to happen. One of them is the geography of the planet. For example: Earth is 75% water and 25% land, do you know why? Because water is the main source for survival, every creature on this planet needs it. So the planet has to have a balance of more water and land to accommodate for the different animals on this planet. When it comes to climate there are some spots in the world that are cold, and some that are hot. The warm areas are for warm blooded animals and mammals like us, and the cold areas are for cold blooded animals. So as you can see there is a balance in that too. The Earth’s climate is not the same in all areas. There are also wet places such as desserts, and wet places such as rain forests.


How this applies to the human body


The human body is one of the most complex source of creation in the Universe. It contains a lot of important organs that support the body in many different ways. Some of them clean the toxins from the body, such as the kidneys and the liver. The kidneys use water and the liver cleans the blood. The heart pumps the blood, using arteries and veins. With all of these organs ( and more ) the body is in a balanced state to make and keep its self healthy.


What does this mean?


What this means is that everything in life requires a balance for things to work the right way. Basically everything needs to work in synergy with each other. Because without this balance, the universe would fall apart. I wanted to show you how life and the universe works so that you can understand why its impossible to have a perfectly positive life. In other words having a combination of negative thoughts and positive thoughts is natural. In fact its a necessity! Because that’s how the Universe works. You just want to have much more positive energy than negative energy:)







  1. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    Life does need a good balance to work efficiently for us to function well and be happy.

    I am the type of person when living an unbalanced lifestyle it gets the best of me and forces me to find that healthy balance once again.

    I think many of us live our lives unbalanced, this causes us more stress and anxiety and problems in our lives. So what is the answer to the right balance for each person, only that person can find that right balance through experimentation.

    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey lifebeginswithyourhealth

      Yes the key to a good life is balance. That is the reason why the Earth is like a polarity. We have the North Pole and the South Pole. The Earth needs them to balance itself. We even need a balance of negative and positive energy.



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