Overcoming Shyness

My experience with shyness

shy kid

It all started in elementary school in 1st grade, throughout the year I had often been lied and picked on. Kids would pick on me pretty often and I would get in trouble a lot. I would be that person sitting on the desk in the class room and not talk at all to my classmates.This also happened to me on 2nd grade. Students would take my lunch an i would do absolutely nothing, the students would hit me and I would still do nothing. I remember in this school year when a student blamed me for making him bleed through his nose. His mother went to my school to take a look at what happened. She gave me this mean look and started screaming at me, and then I started crying. One of the most craziest things I have ever experienced was when the teacher smacked me with the ruler. I would be that student  I still remember that day like it was yesterday. Throughout almost my entire life, I have been an extremely shy person. Throughout elementary and all throughout high school I had an extremely hard time making friends, talking to girls, and even participating in classes. Speaking about talking to girls, I remember when me and this girl was hanging out. I already knew that she liked me so it wasn’t really a big deal for me to try to solve the puzzle. The problem is I didn’t like her and I was too afraid to tell her. Even worse the “conversations” that we were having were very awkward. Not surprisingly this “relationship” didn’t end up well. Long story short, this lasted the entire time I was in school. It lasted until I graduated from High School. But during my four years of High School, it was one of the worst years of my life.

What shyness and social anxiety did to me

Although shyness and social anxiety did effect me during my entire years of school. It did not nearly effect me like it did, during these times. You see having shyness effected me when it came to talking to people. Since I would be so shy to talk to people, I couldn’t become true friends with any one in high school. Not being able to fully express myself ( at all ) to anyone was a deal killer.  A lot of people saw my shyness and anxiety as a weakness and took advantage of me (which I would get into). This eventually became so bad that my self-esteem dropped, which decreased my confidence dramatically. This in term lowered my self worth. I felt like everyone in my life didn’t think I was worth their time, I felt like people thought I wasn’t smart, that I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything. This, coupled with the long time frame I had been going through this, really took a toll on me which caused me to go into a very negative state of mind.

All of this and Depression


So this is the negative state of mind that I was in. All of this, a long with shyness and social anxiety caused me to go into this turmoil. This was by far the worse ” symptom “,that I had to go through, it wasn’t a pleasent one at all😔. I was feeling very insecure about my self. In fact I was feeling so insecure, that there would be times during the summer that I would be wearing a sweater and long pants, because I also had body image issues ( even though I wasn’t fat whatsoever ). Anyways this state that I was in was the most powerful negative feeling I ever felt. This is when I literally was crumbling mentally. I felt like the whole world sucked, and that everyone in this world sucked. Worst of all I felt like I sucked! So I had suicidal thoughts and I had a tragic experience.

People taking advantage of me


When I was going through this stage, some people saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of me as I said earlier. A lot of the “cool” kids in my school would tease and make fun of me. They would call me names and try to say stupid things to make me look and feel bad. Some of them would take my lunch and never give it back. Sometimes they would take my snacks in an attempt to start something stupid ( even though I never did anything). They would also make suggestions that I am stupid and that I couldn’t do anything. Let’s put it this way I was being bullied.

How to overcome this shyness and Social Anxiety


There are actually a few things you can do to overcome this problem. While it may not be easy to some of you, it’s a good way to start. Keep in mind, these things are going to require you to step out of your comfort zone. For you guys and girls, some may be harder than others. Alright, let’s get to the point.




This is a great website to use to overcome your shyness and or anxiety. You can also use this website to step out  of your comfort zone. This website helped me ( and continues ) to help me increase my confidence. Oh did I tell you that there is also an app of this?;) If you use this website/app, you can and will “break out of your shell”. You will become a more confident person and also feel like you achieved something for yourself. If you are wondering what kind of people you will meet, no need to worry, there are thousands of groups that you can join, so you can join a group of people with the same interests as you. You will meet with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures, as well as ethnicities. You can also have a different perspective of the world.  On top of that you would make potential good friends 😃.


Talk to random people

random people

Now I’m not telling you to talk to that crazy person on the corner of the block LOL. I’m simply saying just say something relevant to someone, whether it be in the park or on the street. For example: You see someone with a dog walking towards your direction.  You can simply say ” that is a nice looking dog, what kind of dog is that? “. The owner might say ” Great Danes “.  That’s about it, the worst thing that might happen is that he/she won’t reply back, no big deal.  Also you can also ask for directions. Remember this is to step out of your comfort zone, so you can feel comfortable talking to people this way eventually, it’s not about them, it’s about you.:)


  1. Jonah

    Awesome positive post regarding social anxiety. I honestly don’t know too many people that have struggled with deep social anxiety (or at least people who are open about it). I personally really resonated with your post. I’ve been dealing with extreme social fears for like 8 years or so. It’s much better now though.

    Anyways, thank you for the positive support and the interesting, optimistic perspectives on social anxiety. 🙂

    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey Jonah! Thanks for taking the time to read my article. Yea social anxiety is no joke, that is some serious stuff and it could literally kill your self- esteem. 8 years, wow thats a long time. Good that its better, you are getting somewhere, you could check out my site when ever you want to:) Your welcome=)


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