Self Confidence vs Self Esteem

Today I want share a very important topic that seems to stem confusion to a lot of people. I call A lot of people think they mean the same thing, just in different words. They think that it is the way you feel, your own emotions. While that is true, they both are different types of emotions within the person. Don’t get me wrong, these are both very important traits to have for any person, but there are a few different things in between.

What is Self Confidence


Self Confidence has to do with the way you feel about doing certain things. For example you could have high confidence that you are going to pass a science class. You are are going to feel good about taking that class because you know you are good in it. However if you are going to take a math class, and you know that you stink in that class. You are not going to feel very confident in that class, in fact your confidence might be low. So as you can see,  Self Confidence is the feeling that is directly correlated with the ability to do things. When it comes to confidence, its all about mindset and It is all about weaknesses and strengths.


What about Self Esteem

self esteem

Self Esteem is your sense of well being. It is based on what you see yourself, as well as how you feel about yourself. Your Self Esteem influences your mind set dramatically when it comes to your life. Your Self-Esteem is determined in come cases such as where you live, your background and most importantly how you were raised and treated in childhood. These traits have a big impact on your overall self esteem. For example: As a kid, if your parents and “friends” around you treat you like crap and call you names that you wouldn’t like otherwise, I really don’t think that you are going to have a good self-esteem, unless  you go through a major paradigm shift. However, if you were raised by great parents and  good household, chances are you are going to have a good self-esteem. Once again it all depends on you mindset.


  1. Kris M.

    Hi Omar,

    Thank you for differentiating between self confidence and self esteem. It’s true, a lot of people confuse the two or assume they mean the same thing. While self esteem may have an impact on one’s level of self confidence, it isn’t really the same thing.

    Do you think that there are ways one can build their own self esteem if they’ve come from a low point in life and do you think doing so would also build up their self confidence?

    Thanks for sharing,


    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey Kris!

      Thank YOU for taking the time to read my site. Self Esteem in my opinion really does have an impact on your confidence. Because Self Esteem is the way you feel about yourself, which would drastically effect your confidence. If you feel bad about yourself, your confidence would be low. However, if you feel good about yourself, your confidence would be high. In my opinion Self-Esteem is more important because I believe it leads to confidence. Self Esteem is the foundation for your overall confidence.

      Sure! There are a few ways that someone can build their self-esteem, it includes, but is not limited to, giving value to others (even if you have little), working out, and read inspiring books. And one other thing, don’t be around negative people. You could also put yourself in a (slightly) uncomfortable position and talk to a random person. Keep in mind all this is based on my experience. Everyone is different as well. Once again thanks:)

      Hope this helped:)



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