Signs you are becoming successful

Many of us are want to be successful, but don’t know the clues of how we find out if its happening to us or not. These are the certain signs that you need to keep an eye on when you are on your way to success. Sure there are a lot of signs that you should look for when you are on your way up, but these ones are going to be a surefire way that you are On fire! So what are are the obvious signs that you need to look for? Look no further. As it always works, when you become successful, you are going to be watched and along with being watched, you are going to have certain people that are going to try to go out of their way to put you down and that is….


1. Haters


There is acronym that comes with this, H.A.T.E.R.S (Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success). There is a lot of truth in this acronym. A lot of people would want to see you fail. As they say, success leaves a trail behind it, well I could use this as a great analogy. The trail is going to consist of two types of people, negative people and haters, and positive people, and some of them will support you ( not many of them though ). This is GOING to be inevitable on your way to tremendous success. I am going to be straight up, you are going to actually WANT haters, because that means you are doing something extraordinary. So if you are not getting haters, you would have to fill up your tanks!


2. You start feeling more fulfilled

You start feeling more fulfilled

This is one of the greatest feelings that you ever have. You would feel like you accomplished something. It kind of feels like you have something of your shoulders (in a good way) . You get this feeling of self worth. You would get this feeling of amazing power and start to feel like you are on top of the world.


3. You would have less time for “entertainment”


As the saying goes “Time is your greatest asset” please follow that saying with absolute sincerely, because there is a lot of truth in this. You are going to have less time for “entertainment”, and what I mean by this is going to parties, hanging out with friends, shopping, going to the movies etc. If you want to be super successful and great you would need to put a massive amount of time into what you are striving for.


4. You would have a strong “why”


This is going to be the “gas pedal” on your way to success, this is whats going to be pushing you towards your goals. When you have that intense feeling of pure emotion in your heart and coming up your spine is the day you are going to start doing extraordinary things, that feeling is going to be telling you “you have to do this”.


5. You feel lonely


This is perhaps one of the toughest things through go through, a lot of people are not going to be with you on your way up there. You are going to be leaving a lot of people behind, you are going to be growing, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. As a result of this you are going to be lonely temporarily. Napoleon hill discusses it in the book Think and Grow Rich that “It is lonely at the top” and he wasn’t kidding. And this goes to my next point…


6. You would have less (fake) friends


This is is obviously going to happen, when you start becoming a shining star, you are either going to leave them, or they are going to try to stab you in the back, if you have read my first list you would know what I am talking about. Speaking of this you would actually want LESS of these types of people and MORE of the people on your level and that are actually are going to help you out.


7. You are way more happy


This is perhaps a no brainer, you would become very happy once you realize the you are on your way to prosperity, it is a great feeling. You feel like your self and you are not changing yourself to make others happy. YOU are making yourself happy. On top of that you would feel more alive spiritually and mentally.


8. You are doing something you are passionate about


This is a huge sign you need to pay attention to, in order to be successful you HAVE to do something that you like, if you are not doing that you like (for the long term) whats the point? You are eventually going to fizzle out because you are not putting your energy into what you like, which is going to make you unsuccessful in the long run.


9. You have a strong  purpose in your life


Without a purpose whats life? You are simply getting by if you have no purpose, and that is sure not a good way to life. There would be nothing that fires you up. But if you have that purpose, then you are “alive” and going well and you have something to go after.


10. You start noticing the real value of giving


Believe it or not, but giving is one of the best sources of happiness. When you help someone out with something, don’t you just get this warm feeling inside your heart? I know I do, but giving doesn’t have to be some thing big, it could be picking up the stroller downstairs for a woman. This is one of the most important parts of becoming successful.


11. You are making better friends

better friends

Since you are becoming more successful, you are going to be attracting different people. Higher quality people want to hang out with you more often and would want to share some ideas with you. They are going to see that you are a good candidate to be apart of their group.








  1. Andrea

    These are great signs of being successful. I agree that you have to give up a lot of free time to make something awesome. You have to be willing to give up sleep and fun. It is nice when you enjoy what you are working on to be successful, I enjoy building websites and writing articles. This makes it easier to keep working on my projects.

    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey Andrea!

      If you enjoy what you are working on, it makes it THAT much easier to become successful. Plus its not even work at all!:) I agree that building websites and writing articles about something your passionate about is a lot of fun. Enjoy what you are doing while making money and helping others is the best! Thanks


  2. rule2020

    Very informative & it’s all true what you’ve written in there.
    Being successful means the achievement of desired visions and planned goals & to be able to achieve that, there a lot of things you need to consider & you have to stay focus & remove all the negative vibes & Always be positive!

    Thank you for the infos. Good job!

    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey Rule!

      `Being positive is one of the most important things to have when it comes to being successful. Without it, nothing matters. Thanks for reading my article:)


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