The power of Self-Talk

Introduction to Self-Talk


Good afternoon everyone on this beautiful Monday evening. Hopefully all is well. Today I am going to tell you about a topic that is extremely important. This topic is pretty well known but is very often extremely underrated.  It is called Self-talk. I am going to talk about how to develop positive Self-Talk. Self-Talk is used by everyone every single day, including you. This topic is something that happens on our everyday lives, whether we are at home, school, work or on a vacation. It literally controls how we think and what we do in our lives. Our Self talk can impact you positively or negatively because it all depends on how you use it. That is where negative and positive self talk comes in.  Many would be successful (or successful people) have and would continue to use positive self-talk to excel in their life. Most people are not aware of their Self-Talk, they simply say things, whether good or bad.

What is Self-Talk?


Simply put, Self-Talk is the act of talking to oneself. In other words it means a person is talking to himself, whether consciously or unconsciously. Self-Talk can be done either in the mind or out loud. There are some factors to consider however, when you are talking to yourself, it is going to be pretty challenging to be consciously aware of it in the beginning. It is going to take some time to start getting adjusted to be conscious of this.

Effects of Self-Talk


For years psychologists have studied the affects that self-talk has on a person’s brain. They found that using positive Self-Talk can reverse negative programming in the brain. Sometimes as much as 77% of what you tell yourself can be working against you! If you drown yourself in negative self talk, you would actually start to perform less, and on top of that you would feel worse about yourself! On the other hand using positive Self-Talk you would start to perform much better and feel better about yourself. Now before you assume that this stuff is stupid and what I am talking about makes absolutely no sense….here me out. Remember what I said earlier? It is all about the programming! When you program your brain to do something, the subconscious mind would pick it up and would start to think about automatically. For example: Let’s say you are working hard to achieve a goal in life, you are grinding like an animal and then all of a sudden you hit an obstacle, if you tell yourself “I am not worth it” or “I don’t think I would be able to do this” OR the big one “I quit!”. If you say that, the subconscious mind would immediately pick it up, and after that happens then you would be programmed to quit, if that makes sense. You just said to yourself that you are not good enough to go through the obstacle and that you are wasting your time. Keep in mind that this “programming” happens really quick. Keep in mind there is also long term programming as well, but I would go through this later. I would explain the effects of Self talk in more details, but for now you see that it can really effect you as a person mentally!   Let’s say that I put you in a room with someone that treats you well psychologically (mentally), and I put another person of the same mental shape as you, but the person that he is with is treating him like crap. Now when you and the other person come out, who is going to be a more positive person? You of course! The reason for that is because I exposed you to a vibe of positive energy, so the guy was a positive person. And that would be amplified because you and him were the ONLY ones there, there was no interference with you guys. That’s the power of Self-Talk!

Who uses the power of Positive Self-Talk?


A lot of (would be) successful people that is! You see everything that you see hear and taste and even feel is all in the mind, if you use the power of the mind through use of Positive Self-Talk, you would literally be almost unstoppable when it negative emotions or circumstances come your way! There are many successful people of our age who are using Positive Self-Talk, from Self-Development legends like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Deepak Chopra You can use this “power” to make you feel positive about yourself, as well as your life. There are also some famous celebrities such as Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey and many others. This technique is not reserved for the Super Elite, or some type of special power that only “special” people can acquire. It is just a simple act of changing that “voice” in your head! All of us have a brain and we all talk and think, so it is very possible for you to feel much better after using this in the Long-Run. Ordinary people use this technique, so don’t be discouraged and think that only special people can do this. Every one has  However don’t expect it to be a “miracle”, this is going to take some practice and patience. I am very confident that you are going to really fail at doing this if you expect this to take effect really fast. It doesn’t work like that and if you develop the mindset that it is going to take some time and effort it would work.


Types of Self-Talk


There are two types of Self-Talk, one that’s positive and one that’s negative. Everyone, including YOU has done both almost every time, from telling yourself that you can’t do a certain thing, to telling yourself that you are the best. Some people use more positive Self-Talk than others, and some have more negative Self-Talk than others. Another similar way to say it is that some people let negative things get in their way, and some people use positive things to control them. One type of Self-Talk is not more effective than the other type. They are just different types of Self-Talk. One can be more effective, however if you use that one more. Like I said earlier a lot of people use one more than the other. There is nothing wrong with that, because no one could be totally positive, or at least in a positive state. BUT if you use more negative Self-Talk than positive Self-Talk, that could be a problem. You want (and actually need to) use positive Self-Talk way more than negative Self-Talk. Negative Self-Talk is going to sabotage your well-being, as well as your desire to do things in the long run. Speaking of that, I am going to write about Positive Self-Talk and Negative Self-Talk down below.


Positive Self-Talk


Positive Self-Talk is the act of using positive verbal communication within yourself. Positive verbal communication can come in two forms. The first form can be telling yourself that you are capable of doing something. The second form is telling yourself how you are feeling, or how you are going to feel, in a positive manner of course. For example: For the first form it can be “I know I can do it and I would do this!” and for the second form it can be  “I feel great!” or “I am going to do things that are going to make me feel very good!” To make it easier for me to explain this, the first form was more of a physical expression, and for the second form it was more of an emotional expression. Positive Self-Talk has a very good impact on your emotional well being. Speaking of this the people who have this attitude of positive energy are usually people that are very charismatic, they are always spreading positive energy where ever they go, and to whoever they meet. These type of people also tend to be very happy people that are pretty social and that a lot of people want to hang out with. Anyways positive Self-Talk can affect your mood in the long run, because you are feeding yourself with positive stuff. I promise you, if you use positive Self-Talk you would be a much more positive person! Oh and one more thing, I am going to add more of the positive Self-Talk quotes/phrases on the bottom:)


Positive Self Talk phrases


I am going to list a few Self-Talk phrases that you can use, so that you can use it to your advantage. Also I feel if list them here, it would give you a head start to use these positive Self-Talk phrases. But I am going to let you know in advance, you can use positive Self-Talk phrases for literally any thing that is positive. This can relate to different categories such as money, health, relationships, and happiness. One is not better than the other, it just depends on your mood and what you want to use them for. If you want to improve on everything that’s great, if you want to improve on one that’s fine as well:) Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran at doing this, it is still going to help you tremendously. So don’t let your experience make you feel khaki;). Also by the end you would know how to use Self-Talk to your advantage. Now let’s list them…


“I am going to work hard to improve my financial situation”

“I am going to improve myself the best way I can!”

“I am going to get rich”

“I am living a life full of abundance”

“I am going to attract people that are very positive”

“I am going to start improving my health by eating food that’s healthy”

“I am going to find and attractive and desirable mate to be with”

“I feel alive and I am extremely happy”

“I am going to take action and do things that increase my overall happiness!”

“I am going to inspire people that are around me”

“I am going to be the best and most productive worker at my job”

“I am going to help people that are less fortunate than me by providing any thing I can”

“I am going to travel to many different places in my life time”

” I am going to experience joy every second of the day!”



There are a lot of phrases!


These are just an extremely small amount of positive phrases that you can use to start of. There are virtually hundreds of thousands of phrases that you can use to improve on virtually anything, some of them are short and some are pretty long. You can use phrases from 5 words, up to 3 sentences. Usually the long ones are more “deep” and provide more description on what you are saying than the short ones. I recommend that you start with the small ones first, as they are going to be much easier to use and easier to remember as well. Remember though, that everyone starts from somewhere, so there is no need to rush things. However if you have experience, then by all means use the bigger phrases. Like I said earlier, you shouldn’t let your experience make you feel like you don’t need this.


The phrases are similar!


The positive phrases that I listed above are very similar to affirmations. In fact you can actually use these phrases as affirmations! A lot of people use these (as well as other) phrases as affirmations and have achieved positive results with them.


Negative Self-Talk


This kind of Self-Talk is one of the worst things you can do to yourself! Negative Self-Talk is very sabotaging to your well being as well as your mental health. People don’t realize that for each time they are using negative Self-Talk, they are limiting themselves from doing a certain thing more and more. There are a lot of people who are a victim of this self-inflicted crime and never become successful in life. The kind of people that use this kind of Self-Talk are usually people that are depressed, anxious, or are just plain negative. You would want to stay away from these people as much as you can, ESPECIALLY if you are just starting how to use Self-Talk for your own benefit. Negative people are very contagious when it comes to Negative Self-Talk, so it is best to stay away as much as possible. If for some reason you can’t stay away from these people, make your positive energy stronger than there negative energy. Another alternative can be for you to spread as much positive energy as you can.


Negative Self-Talk phrases


There is not too much to say about Negative-Self Talk phrases, but I am going to emphasis them a bit. (Note: I am showing these for “display” purposes only, you should NOT use these phrases as a reference to use as they are not even worth to use!). The only thing that these phrases are going to do is hinder you from accomplishing what you want out of life. Here it goes….


“I’ll never do this”

“I would never be rich”

“I would never be healthy”

“I would never be an inspiration to people”

“I would never lose weight”

“I can’t live the good life”

“The world sucks”


The problem with me showing these negative phrases


There is a HUGE problem with these phrases! There are going to make you think negatively FOREVER! Muhahaha! Just kidding:) But on a serious note, these phrases or phrases like these are not to be used at all or at least at a minimum as they can condition your mind to think negative.


Start taking action!


I hope this post has inspired you enough to start implementing the stuff that I have mentioned above. If you start doing it, I can pretty much guarantee that you would be in a much better mental state 3 months from now. So start taking action and kicking a$$!


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I would like for you beautiful readers to comment down below and let me know what you think of this post. Both negative and positive comments are welcomed:) Have a great day!





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