Things that happy people do

There are a lot of important things we go after in life, such as health, money and relationships. These are very important factors that, if used properly would us a great life. While these are things that are worth considering, and we should be considering, it is not everything that we only should have. Yes the health and the money are extremely important, and should be treated as such. However there needs to be a balance of what you have, as with everything in life. There is an article that I wrote that is specifically about balance. You can check that article here. There needs to be a balance of Health, Money, and Love, but there is one more thing that really makes a person’s life complete. That is Happiness, without happiness, nothing else really matters. Happiness, including the other stuff I mentioned is the key to living the good life, with that being said lets begin…..


1. They don’t sweat the small stuff


Have you ever done something or have been through something, and then later you realized it was wrong and you got upset? Then after that incident you realized that it wasn’t so bad after all? You realize that you were stressing yourself out for no reason? Well that’s because its that, you really ARE stressing yourself out for no reason! A lot of people do this and they don’t realize that they are diminishing their health by stressing out over a simple thing. For instance if someone wants to buy something, but he/she thinks the price is not good, they complain like there’s no tomorrow. Or better yet, from my experience, when I used to work at a fast food restaurant, I would tell someone that I don’t have a certain type of food that they wanted, they would go crazy! I always think to myself, “why do these people always make such small things, big things?”. You should not make a small thing a big deal, you can simply just accept it, and if possible try to fix it. Don’t put your health and well being on the line, life is way too short. Instead be happy, so stop worrying and start living!


2. Happy people surround themselves with other happy people


I hear a lot of people talking about how they are happy, but they are trying to make someone that is unhappy, a happy person. They need to realize that while happiness is contagious, they cannot change people. But although you cant change other people, you can change your situation, and that is to spend time with people who are happy themselves. I sincerely believe that the way to create an ultimate vibe of positive energy, is to have a group of happy people. In some cases, spending time with happy people can actually magnify your state of happiness! Not only that, but you would have a great time together. Happy people know that if they are around people who spread negative vibes all the time, they need to separate themselves from them. They also know that in order to stay in a state of “high vibration” they need to be with people who are in that same state of mind. These people live by the mantra, which is ” you are the five people you hang out with” or a more harsh one “If you hang out with 5 bums, you would become the 6th one”. These people know that these mantras are very true.


3.  They are passionate


Happy people know that if they do something that they like they would stay very happy. It is almost impossible for a person to do something long term, that he doesn’t like and he is still a very happy person. Think about it, when was the last time you did something that you didn’t like, and on top of that you where happy that you were doing it? I am pretty sure it is never, or almost never, since you could be doing whatever is that you are doing for a short time only. People that are truly happy have already found their passion and are working towards it every day. Not only are they working towards it, but they have an intense desire to keep working for it for years to come. A lot of people don’t realize this, but in order for you to be a happy person, you would need to have something that you are passionate about in life. Because if you don’t have something that you are passionate about, you wont have a direction, or a purpose to get to where you want to go in your life.


4.  Happy people show happiness signs


While this may sound obvious, it is worth mentioning. The reason is because that is one of the main actions that makes them happy. Smiling, laughter, and overall positive body language are some, (but not all actions) that happy people use. It is a fact that showing signs of overall happiness can make you much happier, even if you are not happy in the moment. Doesn’t that sound amazing?  Now you literally have no excuse to not be happy :). I will be honest, it wont work that fast, you would have to make it a habit. Anyways back to the signs of happiness, happy people tend to sit up and stand up straight, with their chest out and head straight. This is also a sign of high confidence. People that are unhappy tend to project signs of low confidence, such as slouching, and projecting a low tone of voice.


5.  They live in present times


Happy people do not dwell on the past. They know that dwelling on the past is going to get them nowhere. They don’t want to use their precious energy and put it to waste. Instead they learn from the past and continue on with life. In other words these people live in the NOW, rarely thinking about the past, and thinking about the future in a non painful way. They don’t think about the future so much that they practically are not focusing on what is going on in their life and stressing themselves out. These people are grateful for living in the present moment and they use this sense of gratitude to propel them, so they could live life to the fullest. Another way they do this is through meditation. Meditation is very effective technique to use, so that they can live in the present moment. These are one of the most important things that happy people do, so do them ASAP!


6. They don’t let negative influences effect them permanently


Everybody in the world has negative influences in their life once in the while, from not doing good in school, to being in a bad relationship. No matter how positive a person is, there are always going to be circumstances which are going to affect them. The most important thing is not all about negative influences, but how people get effected by them. Most people would turn into a huge mess and be angry and sad all the time. Happy people know that negative influences are only temporary, so they don’t let those influences ruin their entire day or life. They know that life naturally brings in the bad influences and that life is not worth living if they are angry and negative all the time. They know that life at it’s core is about happiness and bliss. Usually these people think to themselves that there are other situations out there that are much worse than what they are going through. This in turn makes them grateful for the situation they are going through, even if its a little bad, and that is what keeps them happy.


7. Happy people are honest with themselves and other people


Most of us have heard the saying “honesty is the best policy”, well nothing could be further from the truth! Your parents told you that for a reason;). Haven’t you realized that when you lie, you tend to feel stressed out because you are worrying if the person is going to find out that you lied and going to find the truth. A lot of people don’t realize, that when they lie to someone, they are making things worse and on top of that they are going to get in trouble and feel bad about themselves. Another even more important thing is that a lot of people are not honest with themselves. For example: they try to be someone else when they are really not that person. Or they say “I like doing this” when they really don’t. However, happy people know that they should honest with themselves and other people, no matter what situation they are in. These people know that if they tell the truth to themselves and other people, they would eliminate most (if not all) of their worries and stress in the long run. They realize if they don’t do this, they would lose one of their main sources of happiness, and that is trust. They would not be trusted by other people, (even families) and even worse, they would not trust themselves. If YOU are not honest with yourself and other people, you would get into trouble! Trust me I learned this the hard way when my parents lost trust in me, and I had to put in time to regain that trust again. So be honest and happy!:)


8. Happy people know that they are responsible for their actions


Happy people know that they are not perfect, so they are not expecting to do everything with ease and be flawless with them. They would know that they would make mistakes regardless of how good they are doing things, or how skilled they are. However when they make mistakes, they recognize that they are doing something wrong and they would work to improve on them. Unhappy people on the other hand try to find ways to blame other people for their actions and their mistakes. They are always using excuses like “its your fault that I failed” or “you suck”.  When things don’t go their way, they get mad and use destructive criticism on other people. Happy people do the exact opposite, they don’t blame other people, they blame themselves, and through self-blame, they improve. Happy people live by the mantra ” There are two types of people in the world: Those that do and those that make excuses on why they don’t”.


9. Happy people see problems as opportunities


Have you ever heard the saying that “every problem is an opportunity in disguise”? Happy people seem to follow this saying, a lot! They see a problem and they adopt a mindset that it can be solved. This in turn makes them look for many different solutions to solve the problem. They know that just about every problem in this world that they go through, there is a solution to it, they just have to figure it out. For the problems that they cant control, they don’t fuss about it or turn into a mess. In other words, they don’t dwell on things they can’t control. Unhappy people, once they go through a problem, they get cynical. They start getting upset and telling themselves that they can’t do it and that they would never be able to go through the obstacle. These people also expect everything to go their way, and not only that, they are usually perfectionists that expect that they are going to do everything perfectly. Giving up easily is another common trait that they have. One obstacle hits them and they become a mess. It is almost like they have a fixed mindset. Since unhappy people don’t see problems the same way as happy people do, they would sabotage their potential success in life. So see problems as opportunities! Nothing less!


10. Happy people are respectful and live in other peoples shoes


You have most likely heard the saying “treat others the way you would like to be treated”. There can’t be anymore truth to it than that! Happy people are caring enough for others, that they care about what they are doing to them. They care about other peoples emotions, and in some cases they are sensitive to others emotions, In other words, they are careful on how they make other people feel. This is very good, because it shows that happy people are not selfish, unless they wouldn’t be happy;). Happy people know that if they are not treating someone the way they would like to be treated, they realize that they are doing something wrong and that they should change their actions for the better. POV (Point of view) is of utmost importance to them, they “feel” other people. In other words, they put themselves into other people’s point of view, they image that they are the person. If they think that the other person feels negative as a result of their actions, they stop doing it.


11. They know that contributing is very important


Happy people know that giving back to people is a must if they want to be truly happy in life. They know that the key to true long term happiness is by giving. There is a saying that is very familiar to most people in the self development field. That saying is: “The secret to living is giving”. Obviously they  do not take this literally because they would not actually die if they don’t give back (laughing out loud). It is to be taken metaphorically and with some serious insight also. What this means is that in order to love a great life, they have to be a resourceful person. In other words, they have to be the person that people look up to, be inspirational. In order to summarize it all they have to spread and give “happiness” to other people. There are actually different forms of happiness that they can give out, it can be in the form of giving advice, life coaching, formally volunteering at an organization, giving money away/donating or simply showing love to someone. Obviously the bigger the impact the better. But remember, everybody started from somewhere. We all start small. All of the biggest and most influential contributors started out small, but they were consistent. They were consistent because they knew that success and lasting happiness was going to be achieved in the long-run. I believe this is one of the most important categories for people to become happy, or for people who are happy to stay happy and fulfilled.











  1. Matt's Mom

    Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. I really try to keep this in mind on a daily basis. Because health wise it is not good for you, and in the end there is usually nothing you could have done anyway. And yes, I don’t hang around negative people, too me that is the same as unhappy people. I think the cup is always half full, and putting a smile on my face, walking with my best foot forward, and thinking positive is much much better.

    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Yes life is short. There is a saying which is called: YOLO (You Only Live Once). This saying scares the hell out of me, which in turn motivates me to do what ever it takes to live a good life.

      As for hanging around negative people, it is much better to be by yourself, or just make new friends that are positive and happy people.There is another saying: “you are who you hang out with”. It is so true its almost scary. Staying positive is not only better, but healthier.



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