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On the last post I wrote about the 2 different type of traits that entrepreneurs have. The traits were that they have tremendous work ethic and that they don’t let obstacles get in their way. Under the second trait, I wrote sub categories as well that pertained to that same trait. Now I am going to continue with more traits that entrepreneurs have so that you could have a very clear perspective on how these great people think and perform like. If you haven’t seen the first post about the traits that entrepreneurs have, check them out here.

If you already have checked them out, that’s cool. There are a lot of traits that entrepreneurs have and I am going to discuss them now.


1. They are resourceful


This is a tremendously great trait that entrepreneurs have that makes them such wonderful people. They know that in order for them to become wildly successful (not just money), they have to give back to the community and/or people. They know that they would feel much better about themselves in the short and long-run. Not only that, but their self-esteem would increase as well. As for the business aspect, although this might not happen right away, more opportunities are going to start coming to you, and people would want to work with you. Sooner or later your reputation is going to start getting better and you would be noticed by many important and in people.

Eventually you might have potential business partners which in turn is going to help you make more money. You would also be a respectable person to many people. Another thing about being a Self-Less person is that they like to put themselves in other people’s shoes. In other words they “feel” what the other person is feeling. They follow the motto “Treat others like you want to be treated” and they follow this dearly as well. Haven’t you noticed that the worlds most (financially) successful entrepreneurs are the most respected? Well that is because they care about there customers! That is the reason why the build businesses that sells great products. Or else they won’t even be in business.


2. Passionate about his or her business


This is the MAIN thing on why very successful entrepreneurs become just that…successful! They like doing what do so freaking much that they literally (almost) never get tired of doing what they are doing. Passion is what gives them the energy to keep going, even when they hit a bump in the road. You as an entrepreneur would feel like you NEED to become successful at what you are doing because you would feel like you can not live without doing what is that you are doing.

Seriously there are many entrepreneurs that are like this! In fact many entrepreneurs have literally said to the public that they can’t image their life without “working” ahem having fun on something there are passionate about! Many people don’t realize that passion is what makes you “alive” and energetic through out their life. Entrepreneurs know that in order for you to be truly successful (not just financially) you would need to do something that you like, because this is going to bring long term happiness to you.

They see that most people in the world work in jobs that they don’t like and they decide to not follow the norm. Because they know that taking that route is going to make them miserable.

Another reason why they feel like they have to work on something that they like is because they would achieve a sense of long term fulfillment. They would feel like they “completed” their life, or achieved their life’s biggest purpose. This perhaps the most important factor, because you would be in total bliss of accomplishing everything that you liked in your life. This is why they follow their passion, because they see how important it REALLY is in their life.


3. They are determined


Entrepreneurs create their own plan and stick to it until the plan doesn’t work or until they made it work by tweaking it. Although they know that they have to make changes here and there, but they stick to their goal. In other words they don’t search for the “secret to success” or have shiny object syndrome and bounce from one opportunity to another like a bunny rabbit on amphetamines. They also know what they like, so they are willing to work for it, even if distractions along the way show up.

You as an entrepreneur have to set very clear goals from the start, because that is going to give you momentum to push you forward.


4.  High level of confidence


Entrepreneurs know that this is not going to be an easy road to success, so they would need to be able to have a high level of confidence so they could be able to tackle tough situations. They understand that if something is challenging, then it is worth working for. Having this mindset is what actually makes successful entrepreneurs see a problem as an opportunity. They feel like any problem is fixable with some elbow grease involved and on top of that they are going to feel great.

You as a successful entrepreneur would see an opportunity where most don’t see it. While other people are focusing on their problems, you would be focusing on your solution. The majority of people in your personal, as well as your business life would see this level of confidence that you have and would treat you very respectfully. As a matter of fact, they might even rely on you in when certain problems arise for them. One thing that happens for these entrepreneurs is that big companies sometimes temporarily partner up with them and make a deal in exchange for helping out with their problems.


5. They are great at networking


Almost everybody in the world networks to a certain level, whether they are talking to a family member, a friend or simply an acquaintance. Some people do this more than others. There are also networking events that are specifically designed for people to do just that…network! Most people when they go to networking events are either there to make new friends, attract business partners or simply improve their social skills, or sometimes even all of these listed! But we are going to talk business here, because after all this is about traits that entrepreneurs have. Most people when they go to networking, they simply talk for a little bit and hand out business cards.

Successful entrepreneurs however, know that networking is not just about little talk and handing out cards and just bounce. They understand the importance of creating valuable relationships as well as providing value to the person in exchange for mentor ship, a deal or a partnership. They realize by doing this they would have access to more business opportunities and the relationship would be truly beneficial in the long-run, perhaps for the rest of their life. Please don’t be selfish when networking, as it gives you a bad reputation and it would eventually backfire on you. You should always know how you can help someone as it would truly be beneficial not only to you, but other people as well

6.  They understand that failure is part of the game


Most people will quit at the first signs of an obstacle or challenge and would look to blame something or someone else. They would be cynical and say that “it was a scam” or “it doesn’t work. Most people don’t have the mental capacity and strength to keep going when times get tough or when they go through a phase in the business realm that confuses them and/or they have never tried before. This is the same analogy as “fight or flight” because they have this mindset of “if its easy KEEP GOING” but “if its challenging GIVE UP NOW!” The problem with having this mindset is that they expect things to be easy! That gives them a false sense of psychological false expectations of reality which in turn is going to cause them to really fail.

Entrepreneurs however see the mistakes as “breakthroughs” on their way to success. They know that they are not perfect and are actually EXPECTING to make mistakes down the road, so they don’t make a big deal out of it. They think to themselves “I made a mistake, oh well I am learning from it, I’m not perfect after all”. You as an entrepreneur would have a growth mindset when it comes to making mistakes. Instead of you see the obstacle as a “mistake” you would see it as a stepping stone to your goal. In general they know that anything in life that is worth working for, or having would not be easy.


7. They are patient


This is a trait that every entrepreneur must have in order to be successful. This trait can either make or break an entrepreneur. Starting a business requires a lot of patience and commitment, because it takes a while for a business to actually take off. It usually takes months and sometimes years for a business to start yielding profits for you. Most people don’t have the patience of waiting for a few months to years until they start generating profits. They believe (or want to believe) that they are going to become successful and start generating tons of money within just a few days. Entrepreneurs know this is an extremely unrealistic expectation, and that it is not worth thinking like this, especially since they are going to be disappointed.

Being patient correlates with passion extremely well, because if you start and build up your business on something you are not passionate about, you would start caring more about the money. That is going to create a domino effect, meaning that you are going to be desperate to make money and then you realize it is taking too long to profit. Since you are not passionate at what you are doing, you are eventually going to quit on your business because you got psychologically burnt out.

That is the reason why entrepreneurs work on something they are passionate about and they are patient in the process. Because that is what leads to success.















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