Types of Motivation

Types of motivation


Motivation is one of the most important things that a person could ever have. It is the driving force of all action that a person does. It is the starting point of how badly you want to do something. With out motivation in our lives, we literally would be like zombies going through life, and going through the “motions”. We would have no energy or “feel” to do anything that we want in life. Ever wonder why there are motivational speakers out there? The reason for this is because a lot of people need that extra push in their life. Motivation is very important, because that is the foundation for success in life. Even the most successful people in the world need motivation once in a while. It’s natural to go into a slump and feel a little down, but the feeling and power of motivation can literally push the person back to his normal levels, or even better change the course of his life for the better. A lot of people’s lives have literally transformed because they got so motivated to achieve a certain goal that they crushed it. When people hear the word motivation, they think of one thing, the desire to achieve or do something. But did you know that there ¬†are two types of motivation? Yep that’s right….. And they are called external motivation and internal motivation. Although they do the same thing, they come from different sources. With that being said lets go….

External motivation


This is going back to the first paragraph above, when I wrote about motivational speakers, as asked why are there motivational speakers out there. You know why? Because the people who are going to the place where the speaker is hosting the event need some push in their life. Most of these type of people are either in the “giving up” stage, or are having some big problem in their life. External motivation is the act of someone (other than you) that pushes you (psychologically) and sometimes using emotional talk to get you pumped up to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. External motivation can come from parents, older siblings, and friends. Another way to get external motivation is through watching motivational videos, these videos could be from someone that is simply making a video for that purpose, or a high authority person. The most common type of external motivation, are from motivational speakers. These speakers speak to a very large audience to get those people fired up and ready to “kill it” in life. External motivation can actually be separated into even smaller “sub categories”. These smaller sub categories are “intentional external motivation” and “non intentional external motivation”. A lot of people do not get this deep when it comes to the definition, or types of motivation, or heck even motivation overall! But guess what, I want to get this deep into it, so you guys can understand the full jist of it. But for now let’s go to internal motivation.

Internal motivation


This type of motivation is something that a lot of people don’t have. Yet it is by far more effective than external motivation. Do you why? That’s because it is coming within you, you won’t have to rely on anyone else ( for the most part ) to get intense motivation. Internal motivation basically means that you are self motivated, you feel that urge to do something great and not just get by. People that have this sense of motivation feel the intense need to do a lot of things. Sometimes they have interest in a lot of things that might keep them awake throughout the entire night!……………okay maybe not the entire night lol, but you get the point:).

The people of this nature ( usually but not always )have charismatic characteristics. Positive energy usually is absorbed through them like water. Now I am not saying that they are ALWAYS positive, because that’s impossible to have. Also just because you are self motivated, that doesn’t mean that you would not need external motivation. There would be sometimes when you would feel down on yourself and feel that you can’t do a certain thing, and that’s normal. This would be the time when you would need someone to push you forward emotionally. Whether it be in a form of a video, picture, quote, and/or family and friends. As long as these “sources” support you in a good way, you are on your way to success. Being supported, coupled with internal motivation will make you shoot for the stars.

Now that you know the different aspects and types of motivation, I am going to talk about “intentional external motivation” and “unintentional external motivation”, on the next post





  1. Shane Welcher

    Motivation is something that I have always struggled with being that I was raised in a harsh environment but through the years I have learn how to find ways to stop the negative thoughts and improve my attitude.

    I have always heard the quote “Don’t let your talent take you where your attitude can’t keep you.”

    Great article

    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey Shane!

      Unfortunately motivation gets effected by a persons historical background, trust me its not easy because Ive had rough times myself. However you can change that, it seems that you are improving slowly and I am proud of that:) Look at you, you went through rough times and you are still pushing! I love that. You probably went through things that a lot of people don’t go through, now use that energy to become what most people wont! Hang on there, you will make it! You should read this book called “success through a positive mental attitude” by Napoleon Hill. You would love it!:)



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