types of motivation (continued)

Motivation (continued)

Yesterday I wrote a relatively short blog post and this one is going to be short as well. In the last blog I explained what types of motivation there are.  Two of them which are external motivation and internal motivation. On the latter part of the post I  mentioned that the two types of motivation are actually separated into two sub categories. The categories are “intentional external motivation” and “unintentional external motivation”. These two are very similar in terms of what the outcome is, but the way it is produced is different.  A lot of inspiring people do this, they motivate people in those two ways. Keep in mind that it still is the same concept, motivation is motivation, that’s it. With that being said, I am going to go and talk about this.


Intentional external motivation


This is by far one of the most common sub category type of motivation. There are many ways that people ( maybe you ) do this. My own definition of this type of motivation is “the act of CONSCIOUSLY motivating someone to do something”. In other words you are purposely pushing someone to do some thing, in any shape or form. There are a few ways you can do this. You can directly speak to someone when they are feeling down. You could tell him/her that things would get better, or better yet that problems don’t last forever. The best method be to actually help the person along the way. Another way can be to speak to an audience with the purpose of helping them to get back that blissful feeling. This is what motivational speakers do, they talk in such a way that they capture the audience effectively and therefore they use emotional expressions, such as telling stories of what happens to them and so on and so forth. The last way to do this is by making videos and telling everyone who you are and your purpose for making that video. You could make videos on different categories of self improvement to make it more appealing. There are also different types of videos such as vlogs, podcasts or webinars. So these are the different ways one could do intentional external motivation.


Unintentional external motivation


This is the same concept, but just the opposite. My own definition of this category is ” the act of motivating some one UNCONSCIOUSLY ” Successful people have done this many times and they will continue to do it. Virtually everyone has been a victim of this. Even you, yes YOU reading my article. It has even happen to me! Lol. Let me give you an example: Someone who’s successful and he’s online on let’s say……Instagram. He posts a picture of himself being in Hawaii, you like the picture. Then you say to yourself “this place is beautiful! One day I’m going to be going there! That is unintentional external motivation, because he just motivated you without him even knowing! The guy was simply posting a picture of himself there to show everyone who was following him and look what happens he motivated you. This also occurs in blogs as well, especially travel blogs because a lot of people are interested in traveling. They would see a blog about someone traveling to Italy and think to themselves that life is too short and that they have to travel as much as possible before they die. That is some powerful motivation right there!  Vlogs are far more effective at motivating people, since they are video content instead of “text” content. But either way they are effective.


Intentional internal motivation


This is a very effective type of motivation , and unfortunately the one that is the least used. This is something that most people don’t do. But for the people that do it, they would experience the change of a lifetime in the long term. Most people don’t realize that they can self motivate themselves. Unfortunately they don’t realize that ever in their lives. Well not you, thats why you are reading this article;). The most effective ( and really the only way ) to self motivate yourself is by telling yourself positive things about yourself (even if you think they aren’t any ). Also you can say that good things are going to happen to you. For example you can say out loud with confidence that you are a good person. You can also say that nothing is going to stop you. Or even better, I am going to attract all the good things in life. Saying all of these things ( including other positive stuff ) is going to make you believe in yourself, which would in turn make you take action on things you thought you wouldn’t have otherwise.


That’s it for this article……. I told you that it was going to be short. Now go out there and take action on your dream(s).


Stay positive!:)






  1. Jaylin

    Great article, I find a lot of this to be true for myself as well, though I’m the kinda person who has great difficulty when it comes to motivating myself intentionally and internally.

    Though this may be due to my self esteem issues and my battle with depression and my other mental illnesses alike.

    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey Jaylin!

      Self Esteem and depression has a huge impact on self motivation. I remember when I went through it, my self motivation literally got zapped! You have less Self motivation because you don’t feel really good about yourself. Usually when a person doesn’t feel good, he/she would do things that make them feel worse. The great thing is that they can choose to fight it and do the things that would make them feel good simultaneously. You should check this page out on my website, it says “10 ways to improve your self esteem”

      Have a great day!:)


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