Why you Should be Grateful

Why you should be grateful


Being in a sense of gratitude is one of the most important things a person could ever do. It is a practice of being happy with what you have. It is a very important for you to have. A lot of mindful people are grateful for their stuff they have or even their life. There are a lot of great reasons why success minded people practice a lot of gratitude. There are also many benefits that you have for yourself, as well as for others around you. It affects you and people around you in the long run, with that being said let’s go.

You would feel happy (or much happier)


This is a very important result of being grateful with your life. A lot of happy people are known to have a strong feeling of gratitude as well as practice staying in that “zone”. True happiness comes from being grateful because you are excepting what you have and that you know it can be worse. Now matter what situation you are in ( with the exception of not having having the basic necessities like water, food, shelter, clothing ) you should be happy with where you are. This helps because sometimes you can’t change certain things / or a situation that are going on right now, so you would accept it as it is and move on.


One BIG reason why you should be grateful is because are would be A lot less complaining involved. I know this because I used to be ungrateful for a whole lot of things whenever something happened, or more importantly when my parents got me a gift. I remember I complained about how the gifts were worse than expected and I would say I didn’t want it. Then my parents said something that changed the way I should see things, the told me “Omar if you can’t be grateful for the gifts that we give you, that is very rude and you would never be happy in life”. Although I didn’t change my viewpoints right away, I realized what I was doing and my attitude towards life.

You would not compare yourself to others


Have you ever gone on Social media, such as Facebook and/or Instagram and saw other people’s pictures and or lifestyle? Then when you see their lifestyle, you start comparing yourself and/or your lifestyle to theirs? And question yourself if you’re living a good lifestyle? If so stop right now! When you are doing this, you are basically saying to yourself ” My life’s not good because this guy/girl is traveling and doing all the things, and I am not doing what he’s doing”.

Listen that is not a good way to look at life! You are basically jeopardizing your own self by doing this. If you are always comparing yourself to other people, you are never going to have the time to look at yourself. In other words you are going to be “living” other people’s life’s and not paying attention to your own life. You are going to be so busy looking at other peoples lives, than by the time you look at your own life, you think that your life is trash. This is going to make you feel bad about yourself and that your life isn’t worth anything!

Like I said above you are really not going to go far in your life because you are not focusing on your own life. How are you going to expect to go far in life if you are busy looking AND comparing someone else’s to yours?? It’s hard to believe that so many people do this and it makes me sad every-time I think about it. I think I have the best example right here: look at the Hollywood celebrities, entrepreneurs and/ or wealthy people. An overwhelmingly large amount of people spend time watching TV, and literally are ” stalking ” these people, always wanting to find out what they are doing with there life, how many kids they have, if they had surgery.

I have one suggestion, WHO CARES! You are only giving more power to them! Let me tell you the cold hard truth, these people don’t care about you. They don’t care about your life. They don’t even know you exist anyway. So it makes very little to no sense to look at them like you care about their life, it’s not a one way street. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch TV and look at them ( or any one ) once in a while because everyone does this (including me), but doing it obsessively is when it really kills you.

The bottom line is those people achieved their dream and are living their life as they please, and they are showing it on TV. The people on Instagram, Facebook, etc are doing the same thing. Some of these people’s lifestyles are actually not real and there are fake. These people then to enhance their “looks” by showing pictures that are not there’s. I called them “lifestyle enhancers”. So please don’t put too much time into looking at these type of people, because if it is making you feel like this, it is not worth doing.

On the other hand if you practice gratitude, you would have no body to compare yourself to but yourself. So you would be focusing on and ONLY yourself. If you do this I can guarantee you that you would start feeling much better about yourself. Why?, because you would be able to focus on your own achievements, accomplishments and even mistakes that you know YOU did. And use those (or whatever the things that you accomplished or messed up on) to push your self forward and never look back. It’s you and your own life, make the best of it, and be grateful for everything you’ve got. Gratitude is the best attitude!

You would accomplish A LOT more


Ever wonder how MUCH more you would accomplish if you’re grateful? You would accomplish a lot! It’s sounds pretty contradicting if you want to improve your life, because Being grateful always means that you are happy where you are, and you want to stay there. Well that is not true.

It is not true because when you’re grateful, you will feel very good about yourself, which in turn will make you more motivated to accomplish more in general. What drives me nuts is that a lot of people seem not to understand this because they think that being grateful just means that you are happy where you are and therefore you have to stay where you are. This is the definition of being grateful to a lot of people. However the real definition of being grateful, is being happy with where you are in your life WHILE you are striving to achieve higher things in life. In other words you use that energy of gratitude to push you forward in life.

For example you could start your day by saying: “I am grateful for where I am now in my life and living in the present moment and I am going to enjoy it every single day. But I plan on accomplishing a lot more in my life, so I am going to use my sense of gratitude to propel myself to accomplish more things in my life even if I am happy where I am currently. This is BY FAR the best way to view your life and everything around you . If you stick with this attitude you would be miles ahead of most people.

Being grateful is basically a psychological thing and I could guarantee that most people still wont realize this even though I’m writing this down. A lot of people are still going to say that being grateful is not good or at least it doesn’t make sense because they have to be happy where they are, or at least accept their current stage in life. Also another common excuse is that if they would feel this way, they won’t have the courage to move forward in life.

While I do agree with this in someway, but think about this, if you were stressed out with your life you are not going to feel good about yourself and your life that would make you tired of everything. What’s even worse is that you would get demotivated from doing the things that you want to do in your life. Think about this really hard, does it pay to stress yourself out every single day, especially if you can’t rush things? I know for me it’s not worth it. This is what happens if you are not grateful. But if you are otherwise grateful you would be happy, which you would use that for the good of you. This makes complete sense in my opinion.

So if you are happy with yourself no matter what you have done, because you are always doing good things whether big or small, or even if you don’t even know it! You are still taking steps forward. You are creating positive energy and positive vibes around you and yourself and this would put you in a positive mental state. This I turn is would make you feel very good overall and you would accomplish much more in the long run. Another thing about being grateful is that you appreciate yourself and your life much more which would increase your sense of self-worth and you would feel amazing in general.

People would respect you more


If you want to “show” a good first impression, you would have to be grateful. Being grateful, especially around other people gives off a HUGE sign of who you are as a person. People would notice from a mile away if you are a grateful and appreciative of vice versa. People who are grateful, tend to have more self respect and respect from others. It shows that you are not a selfish person and that you would be a great person to get along with. And if you are this type of person, people would want to be your friend. Not only that, but they would want to hang out with you and have long lasting friendships with you. You would be known as a person who never gives people a hard time and you know what?, that is a great characteristic to have in life. Believe it or not, it would also make you more attractive to other people, whether personal wise, romance wise, or business wise.

Let’s talk about personal wise, when you are with a family member or a friend. Are you following me so far?…….good. We are going to have two senarios here. Let’s start with senario one. Senario 1: It is Christmas Day and they give you a certain gift, whether it be in the form of food, gift cards, or money. Let’s talk about money for the sake of this example, since it would be emotional for most people. Okay they give a gift card, you take it and you read the balance of the card and it says “$100”. You look back up at them with a stink eye and say that it is too little and you don’t want it.

On top of that you think that their gifts that that they give you are always less that you expect them to be. Then you tell them that their gifts are crappy and they are not worth being given to you. Who do you just hurt? Your family and friends. But guess who you hurted more? You! You know why, because basically you are losing self respect for your self that’s why! Also you are expressing yourself and your attitude in a bad way, and that is going to be questioning to other people on who you really are as a person. The reason for this is because you are expressing yourself and your attitude in a bad way. Like I said above, all of this is going to make you seem like a selfish person. Or even worse you would actually be one.

They would realize that they will never make you happy no matter what they give you or how much they give you. AND if you are at that point then you are a really selfish person because you are not caring about the work they have done to hand you that gift. About the reasoning behind them giving you that gift. You’re not appreciating the fact that they worked hard to give you that gift and if it wasn’t for them, or even worse if they didn’t care about you, you wouldn’t have gotten the gift.

That’s the problem that you have if you’re not a grateful person, your family and friends could bust their butt off “behind the scenes” and you still won’t care. What magnifies this problem is that so many people out there are not grateful for what ever they have, or what’s going on in there life, EVEN if it’s relatively good. This really drives me nuts because people could get things and they are still not happy. Like come on, these people complain about every little thing and they are living relatively good. The fact is that there are A lot of people out there in a worse situation out there. Like the $100 dollar gift, there are people that complain about this (included me), while there are people much poorer out there. Just speaking the truth here.

Now let’s speak about scenario two

number 2

This is going to be the opposite scenario. Your friend/family member hands over the $100 gift card to you, you look at it. Then you start smiling and tell them that you are so happy for receiving this gift from them. Although you may think it’s not much money, you are appreciating the fact that they put in a lot of effort and work into giving that gift for you. Most importantly they are not giving that gift to you for the sake of giving it. They are giving it to you out of love, affection and emotion. And by understanding this, you are going to send a positive attitude of yourself.

That is what matters most, you understand that their intentions were very good. You are putting your self in their shoes, by thinking that if you were to do the same thing ( like giving a gift ) to some one else and they would like it, you would feel good. Also you know for a fact if they complain, you won’t like it. This is the power of being grateful, you are a very appreciative person, and that in itself is priceless. By being an appreciative person, you are not being selfish. This is another reason why you should be grateful.

So as you can see form the two scenarios that the different in whether or not you are grateful is astronomical. It could also lead to many problems in the future, that you may not be able to fix in a long time. And by problems, I mean relationship problems. That is a problem you don’t want to have at all.

The next one is romance wise.


Being grateful here could mean the difference between you staying with the person you love-or the person leaving you. When it comes to romance being grateful is a must. The sense of gratitude has to be in sync with both of you guys. You guys have to appreciate each other. For this category their are two types of appreciation. For who he/she is as person and the gifts you give to each other, whether it be material stuff or affection.

Let’s start with who she is as a person


If he/she is a nice person, there would be no better time to appreciate having that person, especially as a close partner. Yea he/she might have some flaws, but guess what? We are humans and all of us have flaws that we can or can’t fix. That’s how life is. The fact is, if you are appreciating the person for his/her personality, then she would like you and you guys would have a great time together. That’s what I call unconditional love.

On the other hand if you’re not grateful, then the relationship is not going to last too long. If you are going to be complaining about the person about why she does certain things, talks, or looks a certain way…..that is a fast track to losing that person. The person is going to see that you are not really a nice person to hangout with or even be in a relationship with. This is what I call being a jerk. Obviously it depends who the other person, hence why I said If he/she is a nice person.

It’s so sad when I see ( or hear )people, especially guys, when they treat their girlfriends like trash. Like the guys would complain for a simple thing, like why don’t they look a certain way, or why do they think this way, or even worse, why do they act a certain way and for them to change. I always think to myself “WHY?”, why does this have to happen?! It’s so sad. It shouldn’t be like this. The thing is a lot of guys are not grateful, or they just don’t care. If you are a guy, PLEASE don’t be one of them. Just remember if you are grateful, it would make the relationship in this category much better.

Now I am going to talk about the second appreciation which is giving. I’m going to make this category short since I gave you soo much information already. Do you remember when I said that you and your partners gratitude have to be in sync? Well that applies here too. If one of you guys is not grateful for each other, the relationship is not going to last and vice versa. There needs to be a balance between you and the other person, as with anything in life.



Now let’s go into the business side. This part is also going to be short. Now this side is a bit interesting. There is a lot of controversy when it comes to the business world, and a lot of people have mixed opinions on what they should or should not do. But let’s get to it….. A lot of people are VERY greedy when it comes to business. They either sell things JUST for the sake of money, or worse…

They scam people out of their money like its nothing. Some people even sell harmful products online. The people in this category are not grateful AT ALL. These people are not grateful for the amount of money they have, they want to make more. I’m am not saying that wanting to make more money is bad. What’s bad is their INTENTIONS on how they are going to make money ( or more money ) and that is bad. Not being grateful causes you to do things that you wouldn’t have otherwise done.

If these people were grateful they won’t be doing this. Instead they would be creating businesses that would provide useful products that would help them. The people who are not grateful are really missing out on the great things that they can do in their life. Their greed is taking over them. And the sad thing is that this is going to jeopardize their long term happiness.

Okay so there you have it guys, as you can see, being grateful has a whole lot of benefits of not only your self, but to other people around you as well. It would also boost your happiness levels up, especially for the long term. And this is why you should be grateful.


  1. Michael Kenny

    Hiya, this is a great article, for years, I have been hard on myself at the start and not knowing the simple things like being grateful for my life, nature around me, the love ones in my life etc..

    that,s how I started but I keep reminding myself. more often than not which pushes me through the negativity in the environment around me

    you have to start from what you recognise on what you’re grateful and appreciative.that is how I go about it.

    1. Omar Sanchez (Post author)

      Hey Michael

      Thanks for taking the time to read my article. Yea not being grateful could be devastating, especially in the long run. Being grateful is one of the best tools you can ever use!


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