Why you should dream big

“Dreams”, a word that strikes human emotions so intense, that we sometimes feel like we are taking out a part of our soul when we talk to certain people about it. Some of us may feel happy and excited talking about it, and others may feel fearful and uncomfortable. This word is so important that without it, our life would be utterly useful and purposeless to most of us. This is the word that fuels us up, that makes us reach higher into what we want out of life. This is what gives us the drive and motivation to do things. A lot of these “things” that we are looking to do are actually good intentions that we have and want to do in this world. But where did all of this start? It started when we were kids. When we were kids, we would dream of becoming a  hero one day and save the world. We would dream of helping countless people. We would daydream in classes of becoming a person of influence. Sometimes even dream of going on a getaway on a private tropical Island. For guys we would dream of owning a nice house, a nice car with a beautiful family and be financially free. But as we got older those dreams faded a little (for most of us) and decided we choose to do something more ordinary. However even though some of us are doing something more ordinary, we are still holding our dreams nice and tight and that’s great! I’m proud of you, I really am! This article is for you! I am going to discuss down below on why you should dream big, no matter what you circumstance or level you are in your life as it is very important! Here we go…


1. You would have a stronger desire to achieve your goals


This is the most important aspect and reason you should have a strong intention and goal. Having a dream that is very big would make you have to work harder (in a healthy way) to achieve what you want. When you think of big things that you are looking forward to do, it creates a psychological effect in the mind that you still have a lot of work to do to get to your destination (assuming you are far from them and that would make you achieve more things at a faster rate than you think is possible. All of this correlates to having a strong desire to achieve your goals and dreams. Speaking of that, did you know that desire is the single most important element to have? Yes you heard that right! Desire is literally the “source” for all achievement and fulfillment. It is the starting point of all the things that you want to do. In one of the best Self-Improvement books called Think and Grow Rich it says that desire is “the first step towards Riches”. That means if you want to achieve things like money, happiness, or an overall goal, you would need to have a burning desire to do things, because without it what can you achieve in life? Below I am going to list the ways to do this.

  • Think about what you like to do
  • What is your “why” in achieving that goal(s)?
  • What is the source of the “fire” that makes you want to reach your goals so much?
  • Ask yourself if you can see yourself doing it for the rest of your life.


2. You would have a deep purpose in life


People that dream big usually have a definite purpose in life. The reason for this is because they already know what they want to do with their life and they are going to work for it. You see, if you are truly passionate about something, that is going to be your purpose (or one of your purposes). Your purpose(s) is so deep, that you feel like you HAVE to work for it, or should I say “work” for it because you are going to like what you are doing so it is not going to feel like work, which is the reason why you are so passionate about it in the first place.  All in all the bigger you dream, the stronger the purpose. If you feel like you don’t have a purpose, or at least a strong purpose, a very effect action that you can take to implement that is to volunteer. Now you may think I am stupid, but let me tell you it is very beneficial to you! The reasons for this is because you are going to feel valuable to other people and yourself, you are going to be a person of value. Also during the times you are going to be volunteering, you would most likely find yourself doing something that you like. Who knows? You might be doing that for a living, while giving back, such as building a non profit organization:) Below I am going to list the few things that you can do to accomplish this. I am going to list a few things below that you can do to create a purpose or strengthen it.

  • Volunteer at certain or different projects
  • look around and see what you like doing
  • Find other people that have a deep purpose
  • go to a Self-Development seminar


3. Escape mediocrity


Being the same way like everyone else is not the definition of true success. Dreaming big AND taking action on the steps that you want to take is going to give you that boost to get yourself out of mediocrity. Because lets face it when you feel like you are a mediocre person doing mediocre things and getting mediocre results, you are not going to feel like your best self, let alone very happy. As a matter of fact, if you are living a mediocre life you are not going to feel very special, you would be feeling like you are following the crowd. Let me tell you something, if you are following the crowd, STOP. Because you are letting your fear of success stop you from achieving a life of abundance! You were born to stand out!.. not be like everyone else, that is why you are YOU, not another person. There is a saying from Napoleon Hill: “The ladder of success is never crowded at the top”. Napoleon’s statement couldn’t be further from the truth, how many people do you see that are VERY successful? I am not just talking about financially, but spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. It seems like the higher up the “ladder” you go, the less people there are. Look at the social class of the Countries, look at the majority of people’s health! There are less people that are super well off and very healthy than the rest of the population. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so start today! Here are some things that you can do to escape mediocrity.

  • Look at what everyone else is doing and do the opposite
  • have a growth mindset
  • don’t get bogged down with people’s opinions
  • don’t let people dictate what you should do in life
  • don’t let fear hold you down

4. Accomplish big things


This is a big one! Accomplishing things that you have always wanted in life is a very effective way to increase your over happiness level. If I were to ask you how you felt after not accomplishing vs accomplishing something, in which scenario you would of felt better? Most likely you would feel much better in Scenario 2, in which you accomplished something. You see, we fellow humans are naturally wired to accomplish things in order to feel good about ourselves. After all that is the reason why we do the certain things in life that move us up.;) Why do you think that when we fail to accomplish something, our mood tends to go down, because we don’t have that sense of achievement! Accomplishment gives us this sense of liveliness and clarity in our life. Accomplishing or wanting to accomplish things can also be an obsessive thing. Look at some successful people out there, a lot of them are always looking for things to accomplish in their life, you see them everywhere, on the news at least. There are always looking to start a business, invent something, make more money or travel to a place they have never been before. If you may have noticed already, all of this goes hand in hand with dreaming big. Because when you are dreaming big, you would want to accomplish many things in life, and on top of that happy! Also when you are dreaming big you would want to accomplish a lot of things! So all of this really goes very well together! I am going to list a few things below that would help you accomplish things.

  • Set achievable goals small and big
  • keep thinking and feeling positive
  • don’t listen to naysayers
  • work hard
  • work smart











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